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Torrent Name:   Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival, Ancramdale, NY July 20-21, 2001
Uploaded by:    nick71
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Description / text file:
Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival  July 20-21, 2001
Ancramdale, NY

This is a collection of recordings from the 2001 festival. Most are shn files of Sennheiser 441 digital recordings that were originally seeded on my server genetics.etree.org in November 2001. Here, I've added the DGQ DSBD (112452) source and an OAITG AKG source that circulated in 2018.

Setlists are in order of directory listing.

Del McCoury Band  7-20-01
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr>>eac>>cdwav>>shn

 1.  Face of an Angel
 2.  She's Left Me Again
 3.  Dawg Gone
 4.  Count Me Out
 5.  ???
 6.  Nashville Cats
 7.  Just Because
 8.  Lee Highway Blues
 9.  Evangeline
10.  Bluegrass Home of Mine?
11.  Backslidin' Blues
12.  Loggin' Man
13.  I'll Be There >
14.  Jam/Crowd
15.  E: I Feel the Blues Moving In

David Grisman Quintet  07-21-2001

01: EMD
02: Mellow Mang?
03: Fanny Hill
04: Band Intros
05: Grateful Dawg
06: Flatbush Waltz>Opus 57
07: Slade

08: [Gentle On My Mind? - John Hartford tune] 

Doc Watson w/ David Grisman
7-21-01 (Doc's Late Set)
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr>>eac>>cdwav>>shn

 1.  //Make it Soft n' Low
 2.  In the Jailhouse Now
 3.  All About You
 4.  East Bound Freight Train
 5.  If I Should Wander Back Tonight
 6.  Shady Grove
 7.  Blue Eyed June
 8.  Nights in White Satin
 9.  East Tennessee Rag?
10.  Summertime >
11.  Beaumont Rag?
12.  ?
13.  Alberta
14.  Blue Railroad Train
15.  E: ?

tracks 3-15 w/ Dawg

Doc Watson w/ Jack Lawrence
7-21-01 Early Set
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr>>eac>>cdwav>>shn

1.  Corina, Corina
2.  Frankie and Johnny
3.  Stranger Blues
4.  Bye Bye Blues
5.  Cora Is Gone
6.  Eight More Miles to Louisville
7.  Ready For the Times to Get Better
8.  No Good Son of a Gun
9.  Rails Leading West
10. Sleep Baby Sleep
11. Greenville Trestle High
12. I'll Never See My Home Again

Jerry Douglas Band  7-20-01
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr>>eac>>cdwav>>shn

 1.  tuning/intro 
 2.  From Ankara to Ismir
 3.  Grant's Corner
 4.  Decision at Glady Fork
 5.  Like It Is
 6.  Look Out For Hope
 7.  Passing the Bar
 8.  For Those Who Have Gone Clear
 9.  Push Too Far
10.  E: Red Knuckles

Brian Sutton -g 
Dave Pomeroy -b

Jerry Douglas  7-21-01
"Sugar Hill Stage"
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr>>eac>>cdwav>>shn

1. Intro
2. Uncle Sam>
   Rain on Oliviatown
3. conversation
4. Tribute to Peadar O'Donnell> 
5. A Peaceful Return
6. A New Day Medle
7. For Those Who Have Gone Clear

Old and In The Gray  July 21, 2001
Source:AKGSE300b's CK91's > black box whirlwind power supplies > Sony D7
Location:About 16 rows back center of the crowd stand at 10'

01 Intro
02 High Lonesome Sound
03 Hard Hearted
04 The Great Pretender
05 Instrumental
06 Lost
07 Knockin' On Your Door
08 Old & in the Way
09 Without a Lotta Good Ol' Boys
10 Hobo Song
11 Keeping the Show on the Road
12 Wicked Path of Sin
13 Wild Horses
14 Walls of Time
15 Land of the Navajo
16 White Dove
17 Honky Tonk Woman
18 Midnite Moonlite

19 Pig in a Pen

Lineup:Peter Rowan/Vassar Clements/David Grisman/Herb Pederson/Mike Bubb

Ricky Skaggs  7-20-01
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr>>eac>>cdwav>>shn

 1.  Pig in a Pen
 2.  ???
 3.  Lonesome Night?
 4.  I'm Goin Back to the Old Home
 5.  My Mother's Only Sleeping
 6.  ???
 7.  Walls of Time
 8.  Coal Miner
 9.  Bound To Ride
10.  Fiddle Patch
11.  I hear A Voice Calling

-incomplete- battery cuts out after track 11 @ about 46 min.

Tim O'Brien  7-21-01
daud>>senn 441>>dat>>cdr

t01 Intro >
    Blue Night
t02 Blue Moon Of Kentucky
t03 Hop High My Lulu Gal
t04 Runnin' Out of Memory for You
t05 Walk Beside Me
t06 Jack Of Diamonds >
    The Crossing
t07 Rock In My Shoe
t08 Banter
t09 The Holy Well
t10 Like I Used to Do
t11 Banter 
t12 Gentle On My Mind
t13 Keep You Lamps Trimmed and Burning

t14 Senor

Tim O'Brien
Bryan Sutton
Casey Dreisen
Mark Schatz 

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