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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   ph1998-08-15.cmc6.mk41.151794.flac1644
Uploaded by:    jmitchell
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=612040

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Description / text file:
Loring Commerce Centre
Limestone, ME

Source:  FOB Schoeps MK41 > Schoeps CMC6 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD-1000 > Tascam DA-P1 > Sony TCD-D8
Transfer:  DAT(m) @ 44.1kHz > Sony PCM-R500 > Korg MR-2000S > Samplitude Pro X4 > TLH (flac 8) > Foobar Live Show Tagger
Recorded by Mikey K Unidecker
Transfer by Jeff Mitchell (jeffhmitchell at gmail.com)
Seeded to etree 2021-02-21

Set 1
s1t01 - Set 1 Intro
s1t02 - Mike's Song >
s1t03 - Simple >
s1t04 - Beauty of My Dreams
s1t05 - Roggae
s1t06 - Split Open and Melt
s1t07 - Poor Heart
s1t08 - The Moma Dance
s1t09 - Divided Sky,
s1t10 - Water in the Sky >
s1t11 - Funky Bitch >
s1t12 - Cities >
s1t13 - Weekapaug Groove

Set 2
s2t01 - The Wedge
s2t02 - Reba
s2t03 - Gumbo >
s2t04 - Sanity >
s2t05 - Tweezer >
s2t06 - The Horse >
s2t07 - Silent in the Morning >
s2t08 - Chalk Dust Torture
s2t09 - Slave to the Traffic Light

Set 3
s3t01 - NICU >
s3t02 - David Bowie[1]
s3t03 - Strange Design
s3t04 - Limb By Limb >
s3t05 - Brian and Robert
s3t06 - Loving Cup
s3t07 - Encore Break

s3t08 - Halley's Comet >
s3t09 - Cavern >
s3t10 - Tweezer Reprise
s3t11 - Trey Speaks

[1] Lengthy intro.

This was the first show of the Lemonwheel festival. SOAM was played by request for an eight-year-old boy named Sam Jarvis. Cities included Sneakin’ Sally teases and, along with Halley’s Comet, included alternate lyrics relating to the concert grounds. Gumbo included a Tweezer Reprise-esque jam. Sanity was played for the first time since Halloween 1996 (140 shows). Bowie included a lengthy intro and Mission: Impossible theme teases. After Tweezer Reprise, Trey made a long announcement thanking people for coming and remarked on the fun and joy of the summer concert festivals. He said that there would be some more music, played by the light of candles made that day by fans. The ensuing “ambient jam” was in the style of Brian Eno and was nearly an hour long and included Albert teases from Trey.

- dropout at 00:36:82-00:37:44 in Loving Cup; patched using 126706
- dropout at 00:57:22-00:58:22 in Loving Cup; patched using 126706
- dropout at 03:21:22-03:21:22 in Loving Cup; patched using 126706

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