[bittorrent] Garage A Trois 2000-05-03 Maple Leaf, New Orleans LA (Schoeps mk21 foot of stage)

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Band:           Garage a Trois
Torrent Name:   Garage A Trois 2000-05-03 Maple Leaf, New Orleans LA (Schoeps mk21 foot of stage)
Uploaded by:    funktopu
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=611958

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Description / text file:
Garage A Trois
Maple Leaf
New Orleans, LA

Source: Schoeps mk21>kc5>cmc6>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD1000>DA-P1 % 
Recorded at the foot of stage with mics worn in a Kangol hat
Conversion: master DAT Tascam DA-20mkII > Marantz PMD570 % >CD Wav > FLAC
Recorded and seeded by Jered Haddad

% - The first 24 minutes of set 1 was recorded correctly at 44.1kHz.  At 24 minutes a switch was unknowningly flipped to record at 32kHZ for the remainder of set 1. The 44.1kHz portion was digitally transferred from master DAT to Marantz at PCM stereo, and the remaining 32kHz portion of set 1 was analog kimber cable RCA transferred from master DAT to 
Marantz. Very unfortunate, however lucky to have captured the 32kHz portion. 
Set 2 was recorded correctly at 44.1kHz. 

This show was Oysterhead aftershow during Jazzfest, and the venue was tiny & very crowded...my gear was overstuffed into a backpack, I wore the hat and was
leaning over the stage and could touch Skerik and Stanton. Thanks to the band for not tossing me from edge of stage, and props to Gary J. for dialing in my levels in this absolutely packed house. Very happy to have made this tape, and to finally share it after 20 years. 

Set 1
2-Witch Doctor
4-Common Ground*
5-Brazilian Jam*

set 2
1-Jam > Funky Niblets
2-Magnolia Triangle
3-Angel Nemali
4-Blues for Ben

*w/ special guest Mike Dillon on percussion

Stanton Moore - drums
Charlie Hunter - guitar
Skerik - saxophone
Special guest Mike D. - percussion

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