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Band:           Jeff Tweedy
Torrent Name:   Jeff Tweedy 2020-09-18 - McHenry Outdoor Theatre, McHenry, IL "Live At the Drive-Inn" - photoleon mtx - VGRM660
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Description / text file:
Jeff Tweedy  
9/18/2020 - 
McHenry Outdoor Theatre, 
McHenry, IL  
"Live At the Drive-Inn"  

First off, Mucho Thanks go out to Joe Noel for capturing the Livestream of this & to Fez for his wonderful AUD pull live at the event.  & finally once again to Joe Noel for his tasty work matrixing up the 2 sources!!  Great work, indeed!!  

I just thought that Joe did such a nice job with this that it could use some extra love to beef it up & make it even tastier for all to enjoy.  Basically, that meant a small, low end EQ, some balancing to keep everything solid & mostly a whole bunch of Loud Clap Removal after tunes from the AUD source to keep things more sublime.  The clap removal took a bunch of time as the claps were hitting those mics from one side & then on a slight delay on the other, so I did them one channel at a time on each one to keep everything nice & clean.  

Wonderful, heartfelt show here & once again, stellar mix by Mr.Noel.  Here's hoping we can get back to 'regular style' outdoor concerts in the not too distant future.  Hope you all are doing well out there & standing strong!!  

1. intro
2. Mi Shebeirach
3. Bombs Above>
4. Some Birds
5. New Moon
6. Guess Again
7. Family Ghost
8. Bad Day Lately
9. Flowering
10. Summer Noon
11. Gwendolyn #
12. Opaline #
13. Evergreen
14. Don't Forget
15. Having Been Is No Way To Be
16. Guaranteed
17. Low Key
18. I Know What It's Like
19. Natural Disaster
20. Love Like a Wire
21. Let's Go Rain
22.E: The Old Country Waltz #
23.    The Losing End (When You're On)
24.    Friendship
25.    band intros
26.    I Wanna Be Your Mama Again
27.    Give Back the Key To My Heart
28.    You Are Not Alone
29.    California Stars
30.    [Happy Birthday Peter]
31.    Save It For Me

Total: 1:52:58  

#=1st live performance

...cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:  
"mi shebeirach" - Debbie Friedman, artist;  Deborah Lynn "Debbie" Friedman, arranger;  the prayer for healing
"love like a wire" - Diane Izzo, artist;  Diane Izzo, writer
"the old country waltz" - Neil Young, artist;  Neil Young, writer
"the losing end (when you're on)" - Neil Young & Crazy Horse, artist;  Neil Young, writer
"friendship" - Pops Staples, artist;  Roebuck "Pops" Staples, writer
"i wanna be your mama again" - Sir Douglas Quintet, artist;  Doug Sahm, writer
"give back the key to my heart" - Doug Sahm, artist;  Doug Sahm, writer
"you are not alone" - Mavis Staples, artist;  Jeff Tweedy, writer
"california stars" - Billy Bragg & Wilco, artist;  Woody Guthrie/Jeff Tweedy/Jay Bennett, writers

Jeff Tweedy - guitar, vox
Sima Cunningham - b.vox, duet vox (t24)
James Elkington - guitars
Liam Kazar - bass, b.vox
Spencer Tweedy - drums
Sammy Tweedy - b.vox, vox (t01)

a photoLeon Matrix

SBD Source: Livestream > AIFF 16/44 > Adobe Audition > FLAC 16/44
Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel (Adobe Audition)
September 20, 2020

AUD Source: Earthwork 77's (Parking Lot Back Row 11 just to the right of the concession stand) > 
Lunatec V3 Preamp > M-Audio Microtrack II > WAV 48-24 > Adobe Audition > Media Monkey FLAC 44.1kHz-16bit  
Recorded by Fez

Matrix Edited & Mastered in Adobe Audition by Joe Noel
September 21, 2020
--plus--dc offset, EQ, lc, Sec.Balance, PD&Norm, LCR, RT & info research by vanillag--1/2021.  

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