[bittorrent] David Bromberg/Arlo Guthrie 1984-10-28 San Francisco, Ca. Great American Music Hall Audience

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Band:           David Bromberg
Torrent Name:   David Bromberg/Arlo Guthrie 1984-10-28 San Francisco, Ca. Great American Music Hall Audience
Uploaded by:    candleman
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Description / text file:
David Bromberg/Arlo Guthrie
San Francisco, Ca.
Great American Music Hall


David Bromberg Band:
01.Get Up And Go > Fiddle Tunes Medley
02.Send Me To 'Lectric Chair
04.Danger Man
05.Welcome To The World Of Fools
06.Lost Highway
07.Dyin' Crapshooter's Blues
08.Dark Hollow
09.Yankee's Revenge
10.Helpless Blues

Gene Johnson - Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo
Butch Amiot - Bass
Terry Oliveri - Drums
Jeff Wisor - Fiddle
Curtis Linberg - Slide Trombone
Steve Ide - guitars and vocals
John Firmin - Sax

Arlo Guthrie And Shenandoah:
11.The Motorcycle Song {Long Version}

14.Alice's Restaurant
15.Coming Into Los Angeles
16.All Over The World
18.Sing Me Back Home*
20.City Of New Orleans*
21.Keys To The Highway*


22.The Motorcycle Song{Short Version}
24.In The Event Of My Demise
25.Highway In The Wind
27.Me And My Goose
28.60' Generation
29.City Of New Orleans
30.Oklahoma Nights
31.All Over The World
32.Ladies Auxilury
34.Oklahoma Hills
35.Will the Circle Be Unbroken
36.Keys To The Highway*
37.Power Of Love, Intros

*= + David Bromberg

Bob Williams on guitars and vocals
Dan Velika on bass guitar and vocals
Steve Ide on guitars and vocals
Carol Ide on percussions and vocals
Terry "A la Berry" Hall on drums, marimba and vocals. 

Using Creative Sound Card Audio Recorder

Taped and upped by Greeney55
"Not Circulated"
CHECK OUT ALL MY DVD/CD'and as always enjoy. 

#07 fades in and out at end....sorry.
It's that dreaded tape flip I didn't need to do again!!! Bad Greeney!!??

This is in antipition of the "Arlo Guthrie" show I have a seat in the 5th row to on 2010-04-28 = Big Fun coming up!!!

"The me I used to think of as being myself has slowly been replaced by the self I seem to be today." - Arlo Guthrie 



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2021 Candleman notes:
Ok this recording had issues. It appears to have been recorded a tad bit high, 
but the transfer flatlined at 60% (The waveform peaks were literally flatlined)
There was a severe lack of bass and the high end was warbly from overmodulation. 
I dragged it all into Goldwave and did 5 tests on sound equalization. 
This was the best of the 5. 
It is still a 7/10 audience at best.
The show is great.
I fixed Track 7 splicing it together, it was all there.

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