[bittorrent] Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons 1998-06-09 - The Roosevelt, Ketchum, ID - **Sick WSP Aftershow!!** - SBD - VGRM683

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Band:           Jerry Joseph
Torrent Name:   Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons 1998-06-09 - The Roosevelt, Ketchum, ID - **Sick WSP Aftershow!!** - SBD - VGRM683
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Description / text file:
Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons  
6/9/1998 - 
The Roosevelt, Ketchum, ID  

1. War At the End Of the World>
2. Jam>
3. Savage Garden #
4. Election Day> **
5. Tarantula Hawk>
6. Criminals In My Closet
7. The Jump
8. Salt Lake City>
9. Light Is Like Water @
10. Hold On To You>
11. Ray Of Heaven ++
...Widespread Panic  
...6/9/1998 - 
...Elkhorn Amphitheater, Elkhorn Resort, Sun Valley, ID-  
12.E: intro, tuning
13.    Low Rider> [][]$$%%^^
14.    Maggot Brain> [][]$$%%^^
15.    Chainsaw City [][]$$%%^^

#=w/ "let's talk about sex" rap
**=w/ "hold on to you" rap ending
@=w/ "Henry"
++=w/ "respectable" rap

Total: 2:23:46  

...cover tunes & their corresponding artists/writers:  
"let's talk about sex" - Salt-N-Pepa, artist;  Hurby "Luv Bug" Azor (aka 'Fingerprints')/Al Bell, writers
"criminals in my closet" - Little Women, artist;  Jerry Joseph, writer
"ray of heaven" - Little Women, artist;  Jerry Joseph, writer
"respectable" - the Rolling Stones, artist;  Mick Jagger/Keith Richards, writers
"low rider" - War, artist (1st release on 6/16/1975);  Papa Dee Allen/Harold Brown/B.B.Dickerson/Jerry Goldstein/Howard E.Scott/Lonnie Jordan/Lee Oskar/Charles Miller, writers
"maggot brain" - Funkadelic, artist (1st release on 7/12/1971);  George Clinton/Eddie Hazel, writers
"chainsaw city" - Little Women, artist (1st release in 1990);  Jerry Joseph, writer

Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox
Junior Ruppel - bass, b.vox
Brad Rosen - drums

Steve Beatty - foh sound

...JJJ source:  
Source: SBD > D7
Transfer: D7 > Zefiro ZA-2 > CDR > EAC(Secure) > FLAC16(8)
Taped & Transferred by: Patrick Sprowls
FLAC by: Eric Foelske (taperwookie AT gmail.com)
Thanks to Mike Cole for the discs!
--plus--dc offset, EQ, VC, lc, PD&Norm, CR, FR, RT, made seamless, properly swapped channels, global phase correction (right was trailing), crossfades, fades & info research by Bill Mulvey--3/2021.  
[FLACs>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)]

...Widespread Panic lineup & guests:  
John Bell - guitar, vox
Dave Schools - bass, b.vox
Michael Houser - guitar, b.vox
Domingo Steven "Sunny" Ortiz - percussion
John "JoJo" Hermann - keys, b.vox
Todd Nance - drums, b.vox
[][]=w/ Allen Woody - mandolin
$$=w/ Brad Rosen - timbales
%%=w/ Warren Haynes - guitar
^^=w/ Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox

...Widespread Panic source:  
Source:  SchoepsMK41/CMC6>AD-1000>DAT>DAT clone
Taped by:  ?
Original conversion:  D8>digi cable>Philips 765
More conversion:  master CDs>EAC (EAC logs included)>Wavlab5.0 (retrack slighty, add fades)>Fix SBEs (TLH, log included)>Lupas Rename>Flac Level 8 (TLH)
Converted by:  Mark Misemer (ipanic2 at hotmail.com)
--plus--dc offset, EQ, Balance, lc, PD&Norm, CR, RT, fades, made seamless & info research by Bill Mulvey--3/2021.  
[FLACs>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)]  

vanillag NOTES (for JJJ show):  
--Widespread Panic aftershow...WSP played at the Elkhorn Amphitheater in Sun Valley, ID (about 5 minutes away)
--the channels were reversed on this recording...that has been corrected
--evened out the whole changing of recording volume sections in the 1st tune to make it consistent...this took a bunch of effort as there were many volume changes within this section
--combed thru & cleanly removed many, many weird clicks that I found throughout while listening back
--phase-aligned the channels as the Left was a sample ahead of the Right (it made it difference)
--I cleanly removed 9 bits of feedback that I found while listening thru
--At 10:17 into t07 (after the tune is over), I applied a 1.5 second crossfade to get to the next part of the show as there was a little cut at that point (just tuning stuff), probably from the original CDR transfer disc change that happened there.  
--bit perfectly removed one little 'skip' of repeated audio before t10 started
--sounds like there might be a teeny tiny bit of missing material in the transition from t10 to t11 as the cymbals end rather abruptly there...in the absence of having the master DAT it's impossible for me to know 100%, but if any bit is missing there, it is very inconsequential to the proceedings & the transition still flows nicely, etc.  
--I did 3 separate EQ's to account for 'finding the mix' in the beginning & then for where it nicely settled to, etc.  
--I feel this one came out vastly improved...it still takes about 5 minutes for the mix to truly be found at the beginning (even though that section is much, much better now), but it gets really, really nice & sweet.  
--The BONUS trax come from the encores of the Widespread Panic show earlier that evening where Jerry & Brad (& others) guested onstage for those 3 tunes...JJ sings lead vox for "Chainsaw City" as well.  This source came from a schoeps capture (no idea where in the house...I would guess the taper section) & I did my best to brighten it up & make it sound as phat & tasty as I could without destroying it--hahaha!!.  It serves as a very nice companion to the aftershow & I feel that it's way improved now.  If you want the entire WSP show from this version, let me know.  


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