[bittorrent] David Nelson Band - 1996-11-08 The Rock, Tucson, AZ - Matrix - 24bit 96k

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Band:           David Nelson Band
Torrent Name:   David Nelson Band - 1996-11-08 The Rock, Tucson, AZ - Matrix - 24bit 96k
Uploaded by:    giantarchivist
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Description / text file:
David Nelson Band
November 8, 1996

The Rock,
Tucson, AZ

Mono SBD FOH mix Left Channel + Mono AUD (unknown mic) Right Channel > 
Cassette Master (NAD 6325/Maxell XLII-S) 

Originally recorded by Jim Blackwood for broadcast on KXCI-FM's Dead Air program

Cassette Master (Nakamichi CR-7A) > Tascam DA-3000 > Samplitude Pro X5 > Flac24

Speed Correction by Jason Chastain

Transferred, Mixed and Mastered on May 16, 2020 by Jim Blackwood

SBD feed had issues throughout.  Matrix mix is heavier on the AUD side.

Seeded to LL by gsarchivist @ 24bit 96k on May 24, 2020

01. Panama Red
02. Diamond Joe
03. No Souvenirs
04. Ragged But Right
05. Cumberland Blues
06. Yvonne
07. John Hardy's Wedding
08. Long Gone Sam
09. Wicked Messenger
10. Wizard's Son
11. 451
12. Wheel
13. Kick In The Head

Concert was finally broadcast on KXCI's Dead Air program on May 17, 2020

David Nelson - guitar + vocals; 
Arthur Steinhorn - Drums; 
Barry Sless - guitar, pedal steel; 
Mookie Siegel - keyboards, accordian; 
Bill Laymon - bass

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