[bittorrent] David Bromberg 03-18-71 Student Union, S.U.N.Y. Stonybrook, NY

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Band:           David Bromberg
Torrent Name:   David Bromberg 03-18-71 Student Union, S.U.N.Y. Stonybrook, NY 
Uploaded by:    candleman
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Description / text file:
David Bromberg and the Fabulous Torpedoes (Steve Berg)
Student Union, S.U.N.Y.
Stonybrook, NY 

I have had this reel for about 40 years and don't remember exactly where I got it. 
I know some version of this show circulates, but apparently not very commonly and 
I thought people might like it. I don't know the number of generations, so this 
might be inferior to what circulates, or might be better.  I saw someone had this
listed as 50 minutes, so this is quite a bit longer.

Note.There is some strange occasional echo that Bromberg mentions a couple of times, 
as well as some sounds coming through the system that he also mentions.

Reel->Flat transfer via Tascam 22-2-> Tascam D-02 MkII (24bit, 96 kHz)
Minor editing,NAB curve applied via DC8Forensics
Converted to 16bit/44.1kHz using DC8 Forensics (32-bit precision, triangular 
high-pass dithering)
1. Intro
2. Hardworkin' John/w/Battle of New Orleans/Turkey in the Straw breaks*
3. Suffer to Sing the Blues
4. Tune->Mr. Bojangles
5. Any Day Woman
6. Someone Else's Blues
7. I'm a Hog For You Baby
8. Fiddle Tunes 
9. Demon in Disguise
10. Delia
11. Last Song for Shelby Jean
12. Lonesome Dave's Lovesick Blues
13. Instrumental
14. Ugly Hour**
15. The Holdup
16. No One Home?***

*Just before Hardworkin' John, there are a couple of bursts of sound from another source
or improperly aligned tape.  It's not my recorder as there is nothing on the other side at this point.
It may be something from the other room as in the note above.
**Short break in the music just as song starts
***I don't know the title, and something odd going on with the tape;it ends up ok
but the first few minutes have all sorts of issues and it's hissier than the rest of the show.

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