[bittorrent] Norman Blake & Tony Rice The Prism Coffeehouse Charlottesville, VA 4/12/97 [SBD? or FM/]

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Torrent Name:   Norman Blake & Tony Rice The Prism Coffeehouse Charlottesville, VA  4/12/97 [SBD? or FM/]
Uploaded by:    taperwayne
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=609670

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Description / text file:
Norman Blake & Tony Rice
The Prism Coffeehouse
Charlottesville, VA 

Source: (FM?) > DSB > DAT>DAT CLONE > CDR 
Transfer: EAC > Wav > Flac Frontend > Traders Little Helper > FLAC16
Recorded by: ?
This Transfer by: Taperwayne (taperwayne at gmail.com)

-Set 1-

01. Weathered Old Caboose Behind The Train
02. Salt Creek
03. My Home's Across The Blue Ridge Mountains
04. Billy In The Low Ground
05. Chattanooga Sugar Babe
06. Last Train From Poor Valley
07. Oh! Shenandoah
08. Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar > Fiddler's Dream
09. Whiskey Before Breakfast
10. I'm Coming Back (But I Don't Know When)

-Set 2 -

11. The Democratic Donkey (Is In His Stall Again) [?]
12. New River Train
13. Paradisefa
14. The Minstrel Boy > The Seige Of Delhi > Marilla's Lessons
15. Stay In The Wagon Yard
16. Summertime
17. Instrumental [?]
18. Little Dark Man > Red Haired Boy [?]
19. Blake's Railroad Blues
20. Texas Gales
21. Thank You Mr. Martin [?]

Notes: I did not mess with the track marks at all. This is the way it was originally tracked.
I took the setlist from the ETree.org database, and it may be tracked out wrong. 
Tracks marked [?] are unconfirmed.

522b8622044ee7cc677ecd5b7b878672 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t01.flac
b61ba5a17f0c57c8b4a44b0f31da655b *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t02.flac
d66438855409e01637d01f88833f8948 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t03.flac
eae70d6e3ad547af0075ecec9f894bad *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t04.flac
4515bd40123745d1e5eb5a98a9e9152e *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t05.flac
ee3a513c034bd819ca296d27041706bd *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t06.flac
695dad8ada1987b444465f583c39a835 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t07.flac
c6566f5c43d1bd1f9037f149cb2bdbc2 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t08.flac
b609c1793267d62dd79f64e36aaab07a *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t09.flac
0ccee517e0d86c436f13f257480f57d4 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t10.flac
619491fbbc32681aee9daadb9e6fd0c5 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t11.flac
306217d8b2069596a094dec8990418f1 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t12.flac
a7527032f44f8dbdb3ed652c2f24993f *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t13.flac
21630230f00154380fb9cc431e72f30f *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t14.flac
1d25c0845e6acce5a3edf0b3f8f4654e *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t15.flac
33dd093f10f32a8e62dc850e2c9ec054 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t17.flac
bdbee4327276e9d91d29854c1a32af12 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t18.flac
9420924a77258165ac2109a55ecc9db6 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t19.flac
bdd25bba447f9934896e18598d68d26c *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t20.flac
a4920f92f7602b2f0732bc8b3e5b2b85 *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t21.flac
71ae126de22c63e557515665ca012a9a *Norman Blake & Tony Rice1997-04-12.t22.flac

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