[bittorrent] Bluegrass Sessions 1999-09-05 Strawberry Festival, Camp Mather, CA ***Older SHN Fileset***

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Band:           Sam Bush
Torrent Name:   Bluegrass Sessions 1999-09-05 Strawberry Festival, Camp Mather, CA ***Older SHN Fileset***
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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
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Description / text file:
Per a request from taperwayne, who is seeding an EAC > FLAC version of this show, here is an older SHN fileset. Its origins are lost in the fog of history, but it was likely acquired from gdlive.com or nugs.net (back when they still did this sort of thing).

Recommended for completists, purists, and anyone who wraps tinfoil around their banjo to stop the alien transmissions.

+ + +

The Bluegrass Sessions
Featuring Bela Fleck, Sam Bush, Jerry Douglass, Gabe Witcher, 
Brian Sutton & Mark Schatz

Strawberry Festival - Main Stage
Sunday, September 05, 1999

Source: FM->DAT->CD

Disc 1:
1.  Blue Mountain 				(07:43)
2.  Ginseng Sullivan 				(04:13)
3.  Wheel Hoss 					(04:40)
4.  Polka On The Ol' Banjo 			(04:23)
5.  C Medley 					(09:39)
6.  Spanish Point 				(09:16)
7.  Whitehouse Blues 				(06:39)
8.  Hide and Go Seek 				(06:58)
9.  Leather Britches (Bela and Gabe) 		(07:16)
10. Sailing Shoes->Crossroads->Sailing Shoes 	(12:08)

Disc 2:
1.  Brown County Breakdown 			(06:14)
2.  Waltz 					(07:44)
3.  Valley of the Roague			(05:34)
4.  Same Old River				(12:33)
5.  Cincinati Rag 				(04:25)
6.  I Know U're Married				(06:52)
7.  Major Honker 				(10:39)
8.  Catmandu 					(06:46)
9.  Salty Dog 					(06:11)
Encore #2:
10. Whitewater					(06:02)

thanks to brian crofton for the show.  seeded to etree  by mike lai
just a note.  this is by far the best recording of the b.g.s. yet.  
this is a must have for all bluegrass lovers.

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