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Band:           Phish
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Description / text file:
Phish - 
"Undated and Uncirculated"
A 1980s compilation.

Compiled, transferred, and archived by: Taperwayne (taperwayne at gmail.com)

Disc #1 -

1. Timber (Jerry) - 
2. Prep School Hippie 
3. No Dogs Allowed 
4. I Am Hydrogen (lyrics) > 
5. Dave's Energy Guide 
6. Makisupa Policeman 
7. Punch You In The Eye//
8. Golgi Apparatus >
9. Slave To The Traffic Light
10. Fee
11. David Bowie//

Disc #2

1. I Know A Little
2. Sneakin' Sally Thru The Alley
3. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (with horns)
4. Wilson >
5. Peaches En Regalia
6. The Sloth
7. The Lizards
8. Possum
9. Suzy Greenberg
10. Foam
11. Alumni Blues >
12. Letter To Jimmy Page
13. Alumni Blues

Origins of the project: 

Over the past few years, as I've been digging through my analog/CD collection, locating and sharing
Phish material that hasn't circulated before, I've been keeping a seperate folder of tracks, usually filler
on tapes or CDs, that have otherwise, never had a home.
In essence, I have no idea what they are, where they were played, or what the date is on them.
I do know that they are all between 1985-1989, and I do know that none of them as circulated in a digital
format before - other than perhaps as an oddball filler on an old shn fileset.
Most of it came from analog tapes I traded and collected in the early to mid 1990s.
For those in need of some sort of source info, how does this sound: Cass/? > CD/DAT > Audacity 1.2.4 > CDWAV > FLAC16.
It pretty much came from a variety of sources.

I think it's unlikey that anyone out there is going to be able to pin a specific date or show on any of this
material, but if you are able to do so - please SPEAK UP! - More power to you!
As always - please email me any more info if you have it.

Here are some notes:

Sloth - BeforeSloth, an announcer states that this is from "their second gig in Boston" 

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - This was a track that was labeled as filler on my analog copy of 7/12/88 and could
possibly be from that show. There are unknown horn players on the track.

PYITE and Bowie - Partial recording, tail end was clipped, added a fade out.

I Know A Little and Sneakin Sally - May have been part of the Copyright 1987 Ernest Anastasio demo.
            Linage > may have been mp3 at one point.

Thanks to Tyler St. Ogne and Maria Rogers from whom a number of these tracks came from.
Big shout out to shnfamily!

ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t01 - Timber Jerry.flac:844d6aedccfc4e93b48ccdf82f1d9d14
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t02 - Prep School Hippie.flac:434f38cb02b09aae08d5a2af358c96a1
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t03 - No Dogs Allowed.flac:3107a0aa680a63959c013a4d314ae6e2
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t04 - I Am Hydrogen (lyrics).flac:10bf33f6c610dc8c6b55d3a8dcf71d88
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t05 - Daves Energy Guide.flac:648ac36f9047aaed1e8a08e1b87dd37c
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t06 - Makisupa Policeman.flac:28b4b3e6ee3659f328d73faeaf85de92
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t07 - Punch You In The Eye.flac:b9da87b57e9f1d0bd8ee69d233e8badc
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t08 - Golgi Apparatus.flac:d2559b870dca37f575098b5a6a6cea7c
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t09 - Slave To The Traffic Light.flac:e02508ed3bde59bcc28ff9df15db4a8c
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t10 - Fee.flac:7408a6c18eb153187fc199d4df4c49e3
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d1t11 - David Bowie.flac:09f01c3d8a7f25f3229bd53b0a0b0754
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t01 - I Know A Little.flac:08eea38532170c2d51729dd30b246090
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t02 - Sneakin Sally Thru The Alley.flac:465ac32fdaf304ac5378fd6ba3cf1f0d
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t03 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot.flac:4c19126fd3dd81f09d90b52e303a5e4c
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t04 - Wilson.flac:b2fadac132879df698b20e2e5a7e9c34
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t05 - Peaches En Regalia.flac:1978eef4032f86c3190640590cf5fa8e
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t06 - The Sloth.flac:b58be99e60f5e3e151ed58d079023f51
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t07 - The Lizards.flac:54b081a395f50e1f79bff9b841ce61d9
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t08 - Possum.flac:c7f97c2aa026ad51882401700ffd28db
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t09 - Suzy Greenberg.flac:78e0bd6095d7566643c311fd3594fcdd
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t10 - Foam.flac:6c08cb550f23bbb9cc0d24ca1ff5ccf6
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t11 - Alumni Blues.flac:09adcd1b8409a1da5638e41bb48fcd46
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t12 - Letter To Jimmy Page.flac:7f42100ba78b34a70421670367d60958
ph.undated 1980s compilation.d2t13 - Alumni Blues.flac:c8e3cba26ad27aea1c2f14f874bff6ce

Phish - 
Radio Interview
May 1989
Possibly from WZIN

Source: FM > cass/x > CDR > EAC > FLAC16
Transfer by: Taperwayne (taperwayne at gmail.com)

01. Interview [5:53]

f29d4e311d53e0e593d2b257f9c13283 *ph1989-05interviewT01.flac

Unknown 1989

Source: ? > Cass/X > Audacity > Flac

01. Good Times Bad Times
02. You Enjoy Myself
03. Possum

ph198x-xx-xxd1t01 - Good Times Bad Times.flac:be247bd8f8531fff0bf350db92ef465b
ph198x-xx-xxd1t02 - You Enjoy Myself.flac:bc2f9c37a820f574c8ea73947185f43c
ph198x-xx-xxd1t03 - Possum.flac:e4ae9413f91067a193faf7841ff14cfd

1. Mike's Song >
2. Hydrogen >
3. Weekapaug Groove 
^ 4.15.89

4. YEM >
5. Foam 
^ 3.3.89 or 9.14.89

6. Alumni >
7. LJP >
8. Alumni 
^ ???

9. Curtain With
^ ???

10. Split Open and Melt
^ ???

11. Wilson >
12. Peaches

Maybe 4.15.89 but who knows

13. Timber (really d2t01)

^ 8.29.1987 due to dog barking?

14. Contact 

10.1.1989 due to melt appearing to follow after?

Show notes:

Trey notes about the VPIRG benefit at the end of Weekapaug
Trey says everything is built by Paul Languedoc, and thanks Tim Rodgers, the light person after Bowie
Foam is called 'new'

Known Flaws:

Digi-skip in Fee
Trey flubs the lyrics to Fee

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