[bittorrent] [Project 1989] Phish - Footnotes to Project 89 - Molly's - Boston, MA (date uncertain)

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   [Project 1989] Phish - Footnotes to Project 89 - Molly's - Boston, MA (date uncertain)
Uploaded by:    taperwayne
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Description / text file:
Phish - 
Molly's 1989
Boston MA
Exact date uncertain.

Source: Aud > Cass/? > WAV > Audacity 1.2.4 > CD WAV > FLAC16

Thanks to: Greg Peeler for the source tapes!
Transfer by: Taperwayne (taperwayne at yahoo.com)

Notes: This recording comes from two analogs, both with uncertain dates,
but each containing the same material.
The older of the two was a tape that was labeled simply Mollys 1989 and
was a higher cass generation than the other.
The second tape was lower gen, and came in a trade labeled as
Johnny D's - Sommerville MA 4/19/89. It had pretty much the same
material on it as the Molly's 1989 tape, with a few exceptions.
The Johnny D's tape had The Curtain, I Didn't Know, and Bowie, which were
missing from the Molly's tape.
I did the best I could putting the songs in order, however I am
unsure if it is correct - since I had no source to reference at all.
This show is not listed in any of the Pharmers Almanacs (I checked them all
back to Volume #2) and it's not in the Companion.
The quality is not by any means top notch, with The Curtain and I Didn't
Know being pretty muddy - but it clears up around Col Forbin > Mockingbird.
Whatever it is, it's the first two sets of a 3 set show, because set breaks are
announced after GTBT and Bowie.
If anyone has any details about this show - please email me at taperwayne at gmail.com

Disc #1

01. The Curtain
02. I Didn't Know
03. Col Forbin >
04. Famous Mockingbird
05. Lizards
06. //Walk Away
07. Possum//
08. Good Times Bad Times

Disc #2

01. Golgi >
02. Wilson >
03. Peaches En Regalia
04. You Enjoy Myself
05. La Grange
06. Contact
07.// Bowie*

*may be filler from 2/18/89 (Fish's birthday?)

7664319fd245b5bf94ff46ddc0d00803 *Phish-Mollys89d1t01.flac
a4458656cfbd1d312181cdca7f41b882 *Phish-Mollys89d1t02.flac
cb30e5c2335a6956e116bb1d686de978 *Phish-Mollys89d1t03.flac
702a51bcc5c5b0a88fc1171df05a3cf2 *Phish-Mollys89d1t04.flac
61e14a4639387bd8be9d2ec9ac4e1724 *Phish-Mollys89d1t05.flac
cab47c84113dceff3a30cd4c80a61b3a *Phish-Mollys89d1t06.flac
f42f6baae214f258b54925763b0b2f9e *Phish-Mollys89d1t07.flac
872829f0aa23a55113d01725c7397a1c *Phish-Mollys89d1t08.flac
d3df750bfa29a9da2e40f5262edd1cea *Phish-Mollys89d2t01.flac
f81cd173b5ac412ce263a6824878b0f5 *Phish-Mollys89d2t02.flac
457e8c48d16841d126a97077106d1c5d *Phish-Mollys89d2t03.flac
f76f0e9f00abf13b588499d05808e847 *Phish-Mollys89d2t04.flac
b9fbd9a04df58eb883c9146afaf65f27 *Phish-Mollys89d2t05.flac
c652b25f6c438cf3d9d2d8fa2474041c *Phish-Mollys89d2t06.flac
10ea826e2336e1c630569af6ba661a23 *Phish-Mollys89d2t07.flac

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