[bittorrent] [Project 1989] Phish - World Trade Center Ballroom, Commenwealth Pier - Boston, MA 12/31/89

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   [Project 1989] Phish - World Trade Center Ballroom, Commenwealth Pier - Boston, MA 12/31/89
Uploaded by:    taperwayne
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=609638

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If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
PHISH - December 31st, 1989
World Trade Center Exhibition Hall
Boston, Massachusetts

FOB Aud -> Tascam PE-120 mics -> Sony WMD-6C (Maxell XL-IIs 90's)

Nak CR-3A -> Audigy 2 -> Cool Edit Pro 2 -> 44.1k -> TLH -> Flac16

Taped, transfered and remastered by Tim Leavy
footbear at msn.com
July 18th, 2008

-- This is a great sounding front-of-board recording, everything is clear and the bass is nice and punchy.
-- Disc 1 sounds fantastic; smooth & clean. 
-- Disc 2 needed some help. Tracks d2t01 -> d2t07 (side A of the master tape) tend to "breath" a bit.
   I cleaned them up the best I could and now they sound pretty good. 
-- Complete show; no cuts in songs.

Set 1:
d1t01 - I Didn't Know
d1t02 - You Enjoy Myself
d1t03 - Oh Kee Pa Ceremony>
d1t04 - AC/DC Bag
d1t05 - Count Down > Auld Lang Syne
d1t06 - Run Like an Antelope
d1t07 - Bathtub Gin
d1t08 - Lizards
d1t09 - No Smoking Announcement
d1t10 - Satin Doll
d1t11 - Highway to Hell

Set 2:
d2t01 - Mike's Song>
d2t02 - I Am Hydrogen>
d2t03 - Weekapaug Groove
d2t04 - Ya Mar
d2t05 - Split Open and Melt
d2t06 - Fee
d2t07 - Divided Sky
d2t08 - Golgi Apparatus

d2t09 - Contact

480ed7a257ecf24362c0c1b90a1d6983 *ph1989-12-31d1t01.flac
0607d2a84a753dab4a34df805b1b5b16 *ph1989-12-31d1t02.flac
52132f968852eafb0e75a1f322dc6830 *ph1989-12-31d1t03.flac
4e56ca2d1da9605b9fb4c404a79439c7 *ph1989-12-31d1t04.flac
5160311b06227f1e730b60704054317c *ph1989-12-31d1t05.flac
868f0bc5e3e3ac002beffbd4f5f2f3ba *ph1989-12-31d1t06.flac
481c8e6de664506f90e808eb21e6b569 *ph1989-12-31d1t07.flac
c2faf2a7356205115ddd2690895b71e9 *ph1989-12-31d1t08.flac
57d9e017d84881f405f2218cfe4e82fa *ph1989-12-31d1t09.flac
3e130775b6c918fefa1a72e4f776c520 *ph1989-12-31d1t10.flac
735377fad4d86b5446631ba4c0601306 *ph1989-12-31d1t11.flac
5aeb096866efc4ebdc310a6dc827a8e3 *ph1989-12-31d2t01.flac
50777307053568435e4f556d1349a0d0 *ph1989-12-31d2t02.flac
c736101f2f420cdc1200497902c803a8 *ph1989-12-31d2t03.flac
19817d932e85c36293dae09fc4c75934 *ph1989-12-31d2t04.flac
9f18124e8959edc67815538fcdb3135d *ph1989-12-31d2t05.flac
35843922ec9af068138b83068ac8d811 *ph1989-12-31d2t06.flac
01f3b94a99e14031f9f571d892988d14 *ph1989-12-31d2t07.flac
34cb9fc3647a8cd3e1480c3babc0abe7 *ph1989-12-31d2t08.flac
f76f85a013adbc2bab4e0f15649567cc *ph1989-12-31d2t09.flac

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