[bittorrent] [Project 1989] Phish - Ukrainian National Home - New York, NY 12/15/89

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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   [Project 1989] Phish - Ukrainian National Home - New York, NY 12/15/89
Uploaded by:    taperwayne
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=609614

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/taperwayne

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Phish - 
Ukranian National Home
New York City, NY

Source: (set1) SBD > Cass/3 > WAV > Audacity 1.2.4 > CDWav (tracking) > FLAC16

Source: (set2) SBD > Cass/? > WAV > Audacity 1.2.4 > CDWAV (tracking) > FLAC16

Transfer By: Taperwayne (taperwayne at yahoo.com)

Thanks to: Greg Ellison and Greg Peeler for unearthing set I !!

Set I - 

01. Take The A-Train
02. Golgi Apparatus
03. Mike's Song >
04. I Am Hydrogen >
05. Weekapaug Groove
06. Ya Mar
07. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony >
08. AC/DC Bag
09. //You Enjoy Myself
10. Good Times Bad Times

Set II - 

01. I Didn't Know
02. Divided Sky
03. Possum
04. Lizards (tease) >
05. Run Like An Antelope
06. Banter
07. Funky Bitch *
08. Jesus Left Chicago *
09. Contact
10. David Bowie

* with John Popper on harmonica

Notes: Traded off sets with Blues Traveler.
       Set II has some minor distortion issues that were on the original tapes, which I didn't
       make any efforts to correct. They start happening right around when Popper comes
       up to play harp on Funky Bitch. As you can hear from the banter, Paul did a mic
       adjustment so Popper could play and the distortion creeps in at this point.
       It just sounds like something is too "hot" in the mix.  Do not let it deter
       you from grabbing the show however. It's minor and only mildly annoying.
       Any questions, feel free to email me.

f21e8067abeebbc8260a32225e060c23 *ph1989-12-15d1t01.flac
ff7c278c6f669b52a5991c581cfca87f *ph1989-12-15d1t02.flac
5d8913625685a6e696255da69ef28088 *ph1989-12-15d1t03.flac
fd027db345b2c84a2d9c3de7a014bfd8 *ph1989-12-15d1t04.flac
4fd3974fa8745db40956662e1db9dfb2 *ph1989-12-15d1t05.flac
029e3a0f5111008463fa953320d128a7 *ph1989-12-15d1t06.flac
6586c105743290975b04f47613abb8ad *ph1989-12-15d1t07.flac
9c74ac63743ec997abafe402c25ff75a *ph1989-12-15d1t08.flac
b21a557c1b5e6d420671afd46f0a07ce *ph1989-12-15d1t09.flac
cc0899773ee48d5a6e1930d6c47d5653 *ph1989-12-15d1t10.flac
e0d673d7a6ca7d1a010fd33e060f9a62 *ph1989-12-15d2t01.flac
af81252e0d041d69163936b972e037de *ph1989-12-15d2t02.flac
e5c61dfab9b5425007f9c599c10dc069 *ph1989-12-15d2t03.flac
f42942c303ad051a0b25abc05e4a473c *ph1989-12-15d2t04.flac
e60058020db9ad45b816ed67e6681900 *ph1989-12-15d2t05.flac
2d298ee74319c99b02fc560473da922d *ph1989-12-15d2t06.flac
91d9fb8fe18f2fdcf51e137c02aeeb61 *ph1989-12-15d2t07.flac
3dd67c4b6342cb642e529aef7f53497d *ph1989-12-15d2t08.flac
800aedcb907a57fddfd8b54a3d3b75b7 *ph1989-12-15d2t09.flac
8ee137f315bb6fe41986fbde8ee3ba2e *ph1989-12-15d2t10.flac

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