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Band:           Phish
Torrent Name:   [Project 1989] Phish - The Front - Burlington, VT 12/3/89 (two sources)
Uploaded by:    taperwayne
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Description / text file:
Source #1

The Front
Burlington VT

Source: SBD > Cass/2 > CDR > EAC > Audacity 1.0.0 > CDWAV > FLAC16
Transfer by: Taperwayne

Notes: Entire tape was recorded in stereo - drums and bass were on the right
channel, vocals, guitar and keys were on the left.  I opted to mix the entire
show for mono, which gave it a clearer overall sound.

Editing notes: Removed loud feedback in Divided Sky.
                    Crossfaded tape flip between Divided Sky and MSO
                    Crossfaded tape flip during Fee (about a minute is missing)
                    Trey's vocal mic cut out at the beginning of Reba (from the master)
                    There was about a half second of silence at the beginning of Oh Kee Pah,
                    which I edited out.
                    Fee was missing from the master -  The Companion lists Fee between
                    In A Hole and Possum, but it does not sound like there is any music missing.
                    There is a tape cut right at the beginning of In A Hole, therefore if Fee was
                    played, it was likely between Melt and In A Hole, rather than between In A Hole
                    and Possum.  Or perhaps it wasn't played at all. 
Disc #1

01. Bathtub Gin 
02. Funky Bitch  >
03. Ya Mar 
04. Reba 
05. Divided Sky//
06.//My Sweet One 
07. Run Like An Antelope* 
08. Lawn Boy 
09. Frankenstein 

*with Bonanza tease

Disc #2

01. The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday>
      Avenu Malkenu >
02. AC/DC Bag >
03. Esther
04. Oh Kee Pah Ceremony >
05. Suzy Greenberg
06. Split Open And Melt
07. In A Hole
     [Missing Fee]
08. Possum
09. Honey Love

Disc #3

01. Mike's Song >
02. I Am Hydrogen >
03. Weekapaug Groove
04. I Didn't Know
05. Golgi Apparatus

c9251a00495f62f24d8f1089ad2c231a *ph1989-12-03d1t01.flac
35d17f1cf45624f5c9b8527eda829170 *ph1989-12-03d1t02.flac
c75bad564d3021ba4a7cd3d658a78df8 *ph1989-12-03d1t03.flac
7554f3de95b27066b80f69b9eb7e0a70 *ph1989-12-03d1t04.flac
1f56421c502258f05c290c0f1ccbc511 *ph1989-12-03d1t05.flac
197fde9527a7a767238f53899e7fcaf2 *ph1989-12-03d1t06.flac
8cd549df9b5b51e2f1ba6c52a425433c *ph1989-12-03d1t07.flac
ec3f3a083454eb698bcf6dedc98b7417 *ph1989-12-03d1t08.flac
c05809ebd83ca8d6469c97ebd80c8bb5 *ph1989-12-03d1t09.flac
bfa53160a1226819a06a19f03a5e3dcc *ph1989-12-03d2t01.flac
6f40f6e30a187f2683146fece9bc908b *ph1989-12-03d2t02.flac
e62a86dcba35c92344890d4fb472b27f *ph1989-12-03d2t03.flac
6576e2610d31b07a5687106f9b330d22 *ph1989-12-03d2t04.flac
f51a8e3570671fb3951abca7627a3464 *ph1989-12-03d2t05.flac
2e27744add6324f3abc9ba23a192143b *ph1989-12-03d2t06.flac
c2971de5fec907ed69623fb5c73dbfc3 *ph1989-12-03d2t07.flac
59a0202fcf8ab0bb7ad7240228ced964 *ph1989-12-03d2t08.flac
909578ad45ba277d6cab17083f775b6e *ph1989-12-03d2t09.flac
5c81caa1f52fac87580ba5d71d459e0e *ph1989-12-03d3t01.flac
c18c039342b86161d69b81b9220a60c6 *ph1989-12-03d3t02.flac
9cc78762da5892c67547d6d7bf726db9 *ph1989-12-03d3t03.flac
a24cca02b37fc951adaa1c99578a19fb *ph1989-12-03d3t04.flac
b8fb6bd6f1cec57c1afd0ee0229e5e10 *ph1989-12-03d3t05.flac

Source #2


December 3, 1989
The Front, Burlington, VT

Source: Analog Master SBD > Cassette
Transfer: Cass > HHB > CDR > Flac
Analog Master SBD > Cassette; Cass > HHB > CDR > Flac
Transferred by Charlie Dirksen 

Disc One
Set One

01. Bathtub Gin
02. Funky Bitch
03. Yamar
04. Reba
05. Divided Sky
06. My Sweet One >
07. Antelope
08. Lawn Boy
09. Frankenstein

Disc Two
Set Two
01. TMWSIY >
02. Avenu Malkenu >
03. AC/DC Bag >
04. Esther >
05. Oh Kee Pa >
06. Suzy Greenberg
07. Split Open and Melt
08. In A Hole
09. Fee >
10. Possum
11. Love You

Disc 3
Set Two, continued
01. Mike's Song >
02. I Am Hydrogen
03. Weekapaug Groove
04. I Didn't Know (E)
05. Golgi Apparatus (E)

This appears to have circulated online in low gen in the past, but without the Fee. I have no idea why. This is the complete show, and since it is nearly the 20th anniversary of the show, it is about time it gets circulated online in complete form.

The online Spreadsheet doesn't have this show complete yet, though presumably it will use this version soon. I don't believe that a higher quality (overall) version of this show circulates, but there are a few cuts and flaws here and there, like at the beginnings of Gin, Oh Kee Pa and In A Hole. There is also a cut after Divided and a fade out in the transition between Fee and Possum because of the tape flips. I could have cut this fade out, but I didn't want to upset the "integrity" of the original copy, which kinda seems silly upon reflection. But whatever.

There are no "shownotes" for this show in the current version of the Mockingbird Foundation/Phish Companion/Phish.Net setlists file. So if you hear anything that you think is shownote-worthy, "Submit a correction" by clicking the link beneath the setlist at
http://beta.phish.net/setlists/1989.html#1989-12-03. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving,


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