[bittorrent] Dave Matthews Band - 2019.03.28, Wiener Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria ... 16/44.1 ...

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Band:           Dave Matthews Band
Torrent Name:   Dave Matthews Band - 2019.03.28, Wiener Stadthalle - Vienna, Austria ... 16/44.1 ...
Uploaded by:    musicfreak
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=604903

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Description / text file:
Dave Matthews Band - 03.28.2019
Wiener Stadthalle "Halle D"  Vienna, Austria

Source: SP-CMC-u4 >SP-SPSB-10 >Sony PCM-M10 24/48 ...and Beer ;-)
Transfer: Sony PCM-M10 >USB >PC >(dbpoweramp_16/44.1) >CDwave >FLAC
Taped&Transfer: Die/Wal

01, So Much to Say
02, Anyone Seen the Bridge > Too Much
03, Do You Remember
04, Crash Into Me
05, Louisiana Bayou
06, Sledgehammer ... (Peter Gabriel cover)
07, One Sweet World
08, Save Me ... (Dave Matthews song)
09, Lying in the Hands of God
10,  -talk-
11, Stay (Wasting Time)
12, Here On Out
13, #41
14, Grey Street
15, You and Me
16, Cornbread
17, Gravedigger ... (Dave Matthews song)
18, You Might Die Trying
19, All Along the Watchtower ... (Bob Dylan cover)
20,  -encore intervall
21, Sister
22, Don't Drink the Water

have fuN -> D.

Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_01.flac:235a19ff701e3441b6692e3f6312522c
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_02.flac:a1ecc4543d00e20882e8afeef6ade747
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_03.flac:fdc40fed15ef77568a97a2bed1dc1c95
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_04.flac:d0cbc42818129559251327374a1f7779
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_05.flac:65029b111fedc5afa93f94c39253df21
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_06.flac:222f60e2a6a821e919df29681666273f
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_07.flac:ff474f4a39d4baa93e0a782907a742f4
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_08.flac:34e6963584aebbafe0fedce85101ee5b
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_09.flac:798621f0c7aa3c3003442613d70d3781
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_10.flac:6e3a702cb52acd937b69c4fd1d04f6c7
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_11.flac:ed91fa8eca6a4600aee8d9b424d417ab
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_12.flac:6133b25d6c1b5acd327a331a85c6013d
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_13.flac:8f1cfe261db7d88276f357994ef9e37b
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_14.flac:5c1e616ca11ed8f7a86f4323b6c232cf
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_15.flac:90eea1fac02ecb37a34520693de19634
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_16.flac:f130c957d3a617c4cbec1f0903a0d4ea
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_17.flac:38427dfd89b67d2c84dc208f63530e6d
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_18.flac:78ea051aa7fb3de48cf293a7dfd13561
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_19.flac:1ee056331d37519461fd109beae2e556
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_20.flac:7f9d50a23f4766c0dcc364b4ffcdc442
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_21.flac:09247a074cf62c7917d3ae309146e288
Dave Matthews Band_03.28.2019_22.flac:f51cc57a0a73453a6d0fb4ae6549bdfa

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