[bittorrent] Todd Snider 2019/03/24 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC mk41's

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Band:           Todd Snider
Torrent Name:   Todd Snider 2019/03/24 The Orange Peel Asheville, NC mk41's
Uploaded by:    datdork
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=604853

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Description / text file:
Todd Snider
The Orange Peel
Asheville, NC

source:   Schoeps mk41 (dina) > Nbob actives > Naiant PFA  > Sound Devices MixPre-6 @ 24/48
location: inside sbd cage just roc, stand @ 9'
transfer: SDHC > PC > Wavelab 6.1 (gain, fades) > CD Wave > Wavelab 6.1 (crystal resampler, MBIT+ dither) > THL (flac 8) > Foobar (tags)

*16bit/44.1khz fileset*

recorded and transferred by Gordon Wilson

A Team Dirty South Recording

01. I Can't Complain
02. Talking Reality Television Blues
03. Looking For a Job
04. Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone Tavern
05. Working on a Song
06. Watering Flowers in the Rain
07. The Banana Story
08. Conservative, Christian, Right-Wing Republican, Straight, White, American Males
09. Better Than Ever Blues Part 2
10. Beer Run
11. D.B. Cooper
12. Banjo Story
13. The Blues on Banjo > *
14. Good Fortune *
15. Vinyl Records
16. Greencastle Blues
17. Alright Guy
18. Play A Train Song
19. Easy Money
20. Stuck on the Corner
21. Jerry Jeff Story
22. Mr. Bojangles
23. Like A Force Of Nature

24. Sideshow Blues
25. Me and Bobby McGee #

* on banjo
# w/ Casey Kristofferson

Huge thanks to Rage Cage for the mic loan!

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