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Torrent Name:   Bunny Wailer 2000-06-30.Morrison.CO.frasca.Nakamichi_CP1.flac16441
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Description / text file:
Bunny Wailer and the Solomonic Reggaestra

June 30, 2000

Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO

Recorded: Audience, behind soundboard, 18th-row, 100 feet from the stage,
Nakamichi 300/CP-1 cardioids in an X-Y coincident configuration -> Sony SBM-1 @44.1K-> Sony D-8-> DAT master

Transfer: DAT master-> Fostex D-5-> via SP/DIF optical-> Soundblaster X7-> USB-> iMac using Audacity-> FLAC

Taper: Michael Frasca
Transfer: Michael Frasca

Disc 1 of 2  (41:45)
01. Intro
02. A Land Far Away
03. Little Red Rose
04. Rasta-far
05. Give Me That Old Time Religion
06. Rasta-man Come From Zion >
07. Children of the World

Disc 2 of 2  (57:10)
08. Burning
09. Chase the World Away
10. Woman Don't Cry
11. Legalize It
12. Reefer Man >
13. Rockers >
14. Rock and Roll Reggae >
15. Dance Floor >
16. All Night Long >
17. Cool Running
18. Keep On Moving

Total Time is 1:38:55.


- Opened for String Cheese Incident.

'Lordy, I hope there are tapes.'

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