[bittorrent] Mike Gordon Band 16MAR2019 Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ AT853 Source

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Band:           Mike Gordon
Torrent Name:   Mike Gordon Band 16MAR2019 Asbury Lanes - Asbury Park, NJ AT853 Source
Uploaded by:    unocrew224
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=604739

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Description / text file:
Mike Gordon Band
Asbury Lanes
Asbury Park, NJ
16 MAR 2019

Source Info:  Sound Professional AT853cards -> SP P/S -> Edirol R09HR
Conversion: CD Wave -> Cool Edit Pro -> Traders Little Helper
taper:  G.Jordan - musicman224 @ gmail
taper notes:  
* As someone who frequently plays music through my phone I get rather frustrated when a 
track splits during the transition.  That split second gap really ruins the transition.
Thus, I am now keeping certain songs on one long track.  Any pauses between tunes are broken up accordingly.
* Loose cable at the very beginning of Victim.  I used CEP to help minimize the clip.
* Fades in/out for each set

Set I

1)  Different World   (13:21)  
2)  Victim  (6:52)
3)  Infinite -> Jumping  (17:00) 
4)  Meat > Black Tambourine  (8:54)
5)  Let's Go  (6:12)

Set II

6)  Intro  (:58)
7)  Up And Down  (4:59)
8)  Sughn Never Sets
9)  Yarmouth Road -> Thin Air Remix -> Yarmouth Road  (13:01)
10) Marissa  (7:26)
11) Cities  (6:34)
12) Face  (9:14)
13) Encore Break  (2:17)
14) Destiny Unbound  (8:08)
15) Gimme Some Lovin'  (5:29)

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