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Torrent Name:   Ivan Neville-Jam Cruise Atrium 1/16/19  DPA4011>SD722>flac24
Uploaded by:    erinlunders
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Description / text file:
Ivan Neville 
Jam Cruise Atrium
Norwegian Jade
Day 2 7:30-8:30pm

01 Banter
02 Start It All Over Again
03 Banter
04 All About Love [Earth, Wind & Fire/Lorenzo Dunn/Lorenzo Russell Dunn/Maurice White]*
05 Banter
06 Another Day's Gone By
07 Falling Out Of Love
08 Banter
09 Money Talks@
10 Banter
11 Not Just Another Girl 
12 Banter
13 Makeup Of A Fool [Ivan Neville/Anders Osborne]#
14 Banter
15 Sitting Here In Limbo [Jimmy Cliff]$
16 Banter 
17 Washable Ink [John Hiatt]$
18 Banter
19 Turn Out The Light [Bonnie Raitt/Allen Shamblin/Michael Reid]%^
20 Heart-Shaped Box [Nirvana/Kurt Cobain]^
21 Banter
22 Everybody Is A Star [Sly Stone]*%&

Ivan Neville (keys/vocals)
* w/ Parris Fleming (trumpet)
@ w/ Brandon “Taz” Niederauer (guitar)
# w/ Skerik (sax)
$ w/ George Porter Jr. (bass)
% w/ Shira Elias (vocals) 
^ w/ Nicki Glaspie (drums) Nate Edgar (bass) Eric Kranso (guitar)
& w/ Lyle Divinsky (vocals) Erica Falls (vocals) Garrett Sayers (bass) Eric Krasno (guitar)

Source: Audience 
Transfer: DPA4011s>Sound Devices 722(@24/96)>FLAC File processing in SoundForge 11.0 (peak restoration, volume adjustments)>Tracked in CDWav
Recorded, transferred and encoded by Erin Lunders 3/1/19

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