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Band:           Dave Matthews Band
Torrent Name:   dmb2010-05-28.4015tl.model5.adc2.flac16
Uploaded by:    c_jones
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Description / text file:
Dave Matthews Band
28 May 2010
Comcast Theatre
Hartford, Connecticut

Recorded by: Christopher Jones <jones.chris at gmail.com> 
Source: DPA 4015-TL Transformerless Handmatched Wide Cardioid > Cardas Audio Golden Reference Cu XLR Interconnect > Gordon Audio Model 5 Microphone Preamplifier System w/ GC32 2-Channel Gain Control Unit (GCU connected w/ Cardas Audio Neutral Reference Cu XLR Interconnect) > Cardas Audio Golden Reference Cu XLR Interconnect > Daniel Weiss Digital Audio ADC2 Analog-to-Digital Converter (@ 24-bit / 176.4 kHz) > Cardas Audio Neutral Reference Cu AES / EBU Digital Interconnect > Sound Devices 722 Hard Disk Recorder (slaved to Weiss ADC2 @ 176.4 kHz; @ 24-bit / 176.4 kHz)
Location: General admission pit, approximately 15 meters from the stage.  Microphones elevated 3.5 meters, in front of stageleft stack, ORTF.
HD > .flac: Sound Devices 722 Hard Disk Recorder > Apple Macbook Pro (2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo / 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3) > Audiofile Engineering Wave Editor v1.5.8 > xACT v2.38

Resampled with iZotope Resampler at highest quality setting and a filter steepness of "150"; dithered using iZotope MBIT+ with a "Normal" amount of "Ultra" noise shaping applied.  24-bit / 176.4 kHz version of this recording available in .flac24.

t01 Introduction					03:40.08
t02 JTR							07:04.67
t03 Seven						06:19.12
t04 Hello Again						08:52.34
t05 Spaceman						06:20.65
t06 Proudest Monkey >					06:42.61
t07 Satellite						05:26.02
t08 Funny The Way It Is					06:13.29
t09 Rye Whiskey * ^					03:02.72
t10 Shake Me Like A Monkey				05:40.66
t11 Busted Stuff					07:01.03
t12 Kit Kat Jam						06:33.71
t13 #41 (Sojourn of Arjuna %)				17:54.73
t14 Grey Street						05:33.46
t15 You And Me						04:40.18
t16 Dancing Nancies					13:35.47
t17 Too Much >						05:20.67
t18 Ants Marching					15:50.04
t19 Intro To...						01:31.71
t20 Break For It @					05:25.42
t21 You Might Die Trying				08:40.10


>  Indicates a segue into the next song
*  Dave solo
^  Tex Ritter cover
() Indicates a tease or partial song if not part of a song with a parenthetical subtitle
%  Bela Fleck and The Flecktones cover
@  First time played


Compiled by Christopher Jones <jones.chris at gmail.com> 26 November 2016.

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