[bittorrent] TAB BENOIT - 2014-07-18 Mandeville Ruby's Roadhouse Schoeps MK41 Tinybox M10

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Torrent Name:    TAB BENOIT - 2014-07-18 Mandeville Ruby's Roadhouse Schoeps MK41 Tinybox M10
Uploaded by:    Datfly
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=591096

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Description / text file:
Tab Benoit 

Mandeville, LA 
Ruby's Roadhouse 
July 18, 2014 

Source: Schoeps MK41's - Nbob Actives - Naiant Tinybox Transfo Out - Sony M10 (24-48) 

Transfer: Micro SD card > wav file > Adobe Audition > Normalize-Downsample > CD Wave Cut > TLH > FLAC level 8 & Align on SB 
Recording Location: Right Hanging Speaker 
Recorded by: Datfly 

01. Why Are People Like That	
02. Lost In Your Lovin' 
03. I'm Only Guilty of Loving You 
04. Sac-Au-Lait Fishin 
05. Dog Hill 
06. Shelter Me 
07. Pack It Up 
08. Too Many Dirty Dishes 
09. Medicine 
10. Stackolina - begining cut 
11. Tab Drum Solo - Tab & Corey Drum & Bass Jam 
12. For What It's Worth 
13. Come & Get It 
14. Nothing Takes The Place Of You 
15. Crawfishin' 
16. Tab Talking 
17. Mojo Hand 
18. Encore break 
19. Night Train 

Finally made it to see Tab at Rudy's after all these years 
and man is that place was a small packed, sweaty, smoke filled dive! 
If I wasn't 6'2 and my head was a few inches from the hanging speaker 
(ear plugs were in) I could have never pulled a tape from this talkative crowd. 

That said it was everything I thought it would be. 


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