[bittorrent] Sarah Jarosz - City Halls, Glasgow, Scotland 2017-01-22

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Torrent Name:   Sarah Jarosz - City Halls, Glasgow, Scotland 2017-01-22
Uploaded by:    amcd981
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Description / text file:
Sarah Jarosz
Celtic Connections Festival

City Halls, Glasgow
Scotland, UK

Sony MZ-RH1>Battery Filter>Sony ECM-MS907
SonicStage>WAV>Audacity (track splits/EQ)>TradersLittleHelper>FLAC

Location: Balcony, Near Centre

Sound Grade: A-

Over The Edge
Green Lights
Mile On The Moon
Still Life
Nothing Is Forever Anymore
Annabelle Lee
Tim O'Brien
You're Free Now (Anthony da Costa)
A Thousand Things
Comin Undone
Ring Them Bells
House of Mercy
Fuel The Fire
Come On Up To The House


The condenser mic stuffed in my pocket (old school method) was a slight compromise compared to my usual binaural setup. This is the only reason for me giving the sound an "A-" Nevertheless the dynamics are fantastic with zero disortion. The show itself was pretty quiet, represented in the recording. This was my second time seeing Jarosz at this festival. I had recorded a previous appearance with Transatlantic Sessions and uploaded it here and this compares very favourably. Sarah Jarosz is certainly dynamic, often playing covers, however originals "Over The Edge" and "House Of Mercy" impressed me the most. Sarah Jarosz seems to be gathering a following here in the UK. "Thanks for selling out the show!"

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