[bittorrent] Donna The Buffalo @ Skipper's Smokehouse Tampa FL 2016-12-30 matrix

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Band:           Donna the Buffalo
Torrent Name:   Donna The Buffalo @ Skipper's Smokehouse Tampa FL 2016-12-30 matrix
Uploaded by:    capnhook53
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=591040

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Description / text file:
Donna The Buffalo
The Skipperdome
Skipper's Smokehouse
Tampa FL
2016-12-30 Friday

Source: (1) Schoeps 4VCMC6s > Lunatec V3 > Sony D8
        (2) SBD > PC
Transfer: Audacity > CD Wave > TLH
Taped by madtaper and gr8fuledg
Matrixed by capnhook
hooknshark at gmail.com

d1t01 -intro by Ed Greene-
d1t02 Funky Side
d1t03 -great times on New Year's Eve Eve-
d1t04 Temporary Misery
d1t05 The Reason Why
d1t06 Look Before You Cross My Heart
d1t07 Me And Depression
d1t08 Silverlined
d1t09 If You Want To Live
d1t10 -thank you Floridians-
d1t11 Give Me Just A Little Time - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
d1t12 -Verlon Thompson stage call-
d1t13 Bury Me In A Hillbilly Grave %
d1t14 She Belongs To Me %
d1t15 -how much fun this is-

d2t01 Stuff That Works %
d2t02 -thanks-
d2t03 Bad Angel %
d2t04 Family Picture
d2t05 Times Are Bad
d2t06 -most important holiday ever-
d2t07 Swing That Thing false start jam
d2t08 Swing That Thing
d2t09 -thanks Skippers-
d2t10 We're Working On That
d2t11 -encore crowd-


d2t12 Old Friends %

% - with Verlon Thompson - Vocals, guitar

Never For Sale.
Please support artists that allow taping by buying merchandise & attending shows.

Jeb Puryear - Electric Guitar, Vocals
Tara Nevins - Vocals, Guitar, Fiddle, Accordion, Scrubboard, Tambourine
Dave McCracken - B3, Clavinet
Kyle Spark - Bass, Backing Vocals
Mark Raudabaugh - Drums


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