[bittorrent] Honey Island Swamp Band 2016-06-11 Dolores River Fest, Dolores CO (sbd/aud matrix)

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Torrent Name:   Honey Island Swamp Band 2016-06-11 Dolores River Fest, Dolores CO (sbd/aud matrix)
Uploaded by:    billydee
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=590937

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Description / text file:
Honey Island Swamp Band
Dolores River Festival
Dolores, Colorado
June 11th, 2016

Source 1- TOA K2 microphones 
Source 2- Soundboard
Recorder- Tascam DR-60D @16/44.1
Processing- SD card > PC > Audacity > TLH (FLAC 8)

Recorded and processed by billydee

One Set
01- track one
02- They Love Each Other
03- track 3
04- track 4
05- track 5
06- banter
07- track 7
08- track 8
09- track 9
10- track 10
11- track 11
12- track 12
13- band intros
14- How Do You Feel (fades out at the very end)

Total time- 01:50:02

It took me quite a while to recover these files, which was due to someone turning off the venue power mains a second after the show ended, which froze and locked up my recorder leaving no apparent trace of the file set. 

But in the end, persistence prevailed and 99% of this great performance was salvaged. I don't quite remember if there was another song played after "How Do You Feel" but I think that was the last one.

Enjoy this recording but also remember to support the Honey Island Swamp Band- by one of their albums, buy some merch and see them when they play live.

Special thanks to the Richard Skaggs and the Dolores River Fest board and volunteers and to Doug Eagle at Eagle Sound for his assistance and for making everything sound so good all day.

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