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Band:           Grateful Dead
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Uploaded by:    ArchivalAudio
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Description / text file:
Grateful Dead
Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center 
Oakland, CA

*********** 24 Bit version NOT intended to burn direct to CD *********

Recorded and Mastered by ArchivalAudio [Ian Stoy]
ArchivalAudio [at] gmail [dot] com
Master Audience cassette:
in OTS near the back of the venue balcony
Toa K1’s spaced 24” PATS (Pointed At The Stacks) >  Sony WM-D6c
media: Maxell XLII c90’s  Dolby C on
Tascam  302  Dolby C on > ArchivalAudio silver-gold RCA>1/4” TS > Zoom F8 at 24/48
Transcend  600x SDHD class10 U1 128gb  
Transcend usb 3 card reader > MacMini  3 GHz i7/16GB DDDR3
Audacity: Fades/Tracking +Ozone 5: Dynamics + Maximizer normalize to -.5db  remove DC offset > flac24
xACT Flac Fingerprints

An ArchivalAudio Production 12/2016

First shared at Lossless Legs www.shnflac.net

Grateful Dead 1986-12-27 Saturday Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center   Oakland, CA

Set 1:

Playin' In The Band >


Mama Tried >

Mexicali Blues

Ramble On Rose

Little Red Rooster
[tape flip] (crowd crossfaded)

Bird Song

Set 2:

The Mighty Quinn

Dancin' In The Streets >

Black Muddy River >

Playin' In The Band >

I Need A Miracle >

Drums (end) crowd
[tape flip]
(crowd crossfaded)
crowd >
Space > 

Truckin' >

Smokestack Lightning >

Around And Around >

Playin' In The Band

Pre-Encore Crowd

When Push Comes To Shove

The Neville Brothers Opened

Entire show is sandwiched between Playin’ in the Band.
The crowd is very exuberant with Jerry’s return and happy during the first few minutes of Playing. Give it a chance it does sound quite nice as the song and show progresses.
Beginning of set 2 Phil says “Anybody seen Weir?”

Celebrating 30 years!!!! … The master cassettes are getting older and need to be Archived digitally before they are gone…. A new start to going though my recordings. Nothing special about this run… I was way in the back of the HJ Kaiser in the balcony in the Official Taping section. Though seating capacity is only around 6000, so it’s not huge. Running my Toa K1’s Spaced at 24” on bar about 10’ up > xlr to mini (1/8” /3.5mm) TRS,> direct to Sony WM-D6C..There must have been more that 30 or more mic stands up and who knows how many decks, not to mention any front of board tapers. For me personally it’s historic, as It was 30 years ago, and this set of shows were the first Grateful Dead shows I taped (recorded).  
A big thanks to Ron Cook who custom machined my  24” spreader bar for my Toa K1’s and James (Jim) Ford both of whom helped getting tickets and seats  to secure taping locations in 87, 87, 88, 89…
I will begin to jump around in my collection of recordings to find special ones and or ones that are unique or of better quality of my uncirculated captures.

enjoy - ArchivalAudio


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