[bittorrent] Primus - 2013-5-19 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theatre (incomplete)

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Band:           Primus
Torrent Name:   Primus - 2013-5-19 - Pomona, CA - Fox Theatre (incomplete)
Uploaded by:    tyonthewall
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=590606

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Description / text file:
Pomona, CA
Fox Theatre

source: Audio Reality > 9v box (150hz) > Tascam DR-07 at 24/96 > Audacity to 16/44 > xACT
by: tyonthewall

01. Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers
02. The Last Salmon Man
03. Golden Boy
04. Southbound Pachyderm
05. Over the Falls
06. Lee Van Cleef
07. John the Fisherman *

08. Over the Falls -edit
09. Lee Van Cleef -edit
10. banter conclusion **

* camera mic audio for the last 10 seconds
** camera mic audio

The good news: Great show and great sound at this old theater. As good or better sound than the L.A. Orpheum shows. The bad news: Only got the first hour due to newbie taper operator error. Still I decided to enjoy the show but had a mini meltdown after and cried myself to sleep that night for not getting the whole thing! I did film most of rest and it’s up on YouTube. I made the edit cuts to the ‘Over the Falls’ and ‘Lee Van Cleef’ extras for myself. Not to encourage such edits. Just cut the talking out (no other altering) because I liked the vocal echo in ‘Falls’ and wanted a normal length version. Might as well include them since this offering is lacking. Also Les’s banter conclusion story since there was a lot of interaction in the first half. No talk in the second half, but Les had Michael and another kid go on stage to help with the foot pedal effects during ‘American Life’.

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