[bittorrent] Widespread Panic 2016-02-26 Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, GA (Neumann m/s) 16 bit

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Band:           Widespread Panic
Torrent Name:   Widespread Panic 2016-02-26 Savannah Civic Center, Savannah, GA (Neumann m/s) 16 bit
Uploaded by:    dfries
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=585285

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being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
Widespread Panic
02/26/16 Civic Center, Savannah, GA

A of D >
The Last Straw >
Up All Night
Sell Sell
Bust It Big
First We Take Manhattan
Tail Dragger >
Bowlegged Woman >
Blackout Blues

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Driving Song >
Tie Your Shoes >
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys >
Arleen >
Papa's Home >
Drums >
Papa's Home >
Red Hot Mama >
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys >
Driving Song >
Chilly Water
Flat Foot Flewzy

Lawyers, Guns, And Money >
Porch Song
I Can See Clearly Now

['Use Me' rap by JB during 'Bowlegged Woman'; 'Love Her Madly' tease during 'Tie Your Shoes'; 'Junior' rap during 'Arleen'; 'Blight' tease after 'Arleen'; 'Jessica' teases before 'Drums' and during 'I Can See Clearly Now'; 'Arleen' rap after 'Red Hot Mama'] - from Everyday Companion

* t01 and t02 (crossfade added) patched with Schoeps CCM4V > V2 > AD2K (Z-Man’s source)
Venue security stopped letting audio equipment in the arena due to patrons abusing the policy (people arriving prior had brought excessive equipment/bags/camera’s, and other misc. prohibited items).  Due to the pushback it took an additional hour to get in the door and finally set up 5 minutes into the first set.

Recorded with Neumann KMF 4i (mid) + KM88i (side) > SD 744T @ 48 kHZ/24 bit
FOH, 7 ft. high
All post production with Macbook Pro, Logic Pro X, Apogee Duet 2, and xACT.
Recorded by D. Fries

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