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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   The Grateful Dead, The Omni, Atlanta, GA, 1990-04-03 (96/24)
Uploaded by:    bltz
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The Grateful Dead, The Omni, Atlanta, GA, 1990-04-03 (96/24)

Part of my Original Master Rescue Project.

Part of the 1990 TOO CD Release.  You may not be for you unless you are a multiple-version collector and/or enjoy audience, and there is certainly a lot of highly enthusiastic audience here. Rare to see Estimated open the 2nd set. For many, favorite of this 3-night run. I do believe Mr. Garcia is a bit excited. Very plesant throughout, IMHO, whether they are kicking back and enjoying a solo in Sugaree or ripping it up in Promised Land.

"In a radio interview on WREK-FM, Georgia Tech's outstanding, progressive, student radio station Jerry said that he just loved the beautiful gardens, dogwoods, and azaleas in Atlanta and the band liked to visit Atlanta to enjoy the many spring attractions and would try to schedule at least one, if not two, days off in Atlanta to relax and "recharge". The combination between a loving, excited crowd and a rested band made for some amazing concerts. Additionally, the Dead's excellent sound engineering staff had the Omni mapped out to perfection. The sound would be consistently perfect." - fudoki, archive.org

Previously unreleased Cassette original master. Nakamichi CM-300s/CP4 Shotguns -> Sony Walkman Pro/TDK MX-S 90 (Set II TDK SA100) -> JVC TD-W354 -> Zoom H6 -> WAV 96/24 -> Audacity -> FLAC 96/24.  

Only posting in 96/24 to keep the sound quality up, and because I have a big pile to get through... feel free to down sample it with r8brain (a free download,) if you need, but I officially object. (h/t weallen, bt.etree, for r8brain x-ref).

Recorded, tracked and seeded by bltz

The Omni, Atlanta, GA, 1990-04-03:

Set 1:
1. Shakedown Street
2. Hell in a Bucket > 
3. Sugaree
4. We Can Run 
5. When I Paint My Masterpiece
6. Row Jimmy
7. Picasso Moon > 
8. Tennessee Jed > 
9. The Promised Land 

Set 2:
10. Jam -> Estimated Prophet-> 
11. Scarlet Begonias-> 
12. Crazy Fingers-> 
13. Playin' In The Band-> 
14. Drums-> 
15. Space-> 
16. I Will Take You Home-> 
17. Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad-> 
18. Throwing Stones-> 
19. Not Fade Away

20. E: We Bid You Good Night

21: Filler: Doc Watson with Jack Lawrence, Give Me Back my 15 Cents, lost source
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625d826cee90bc750a312863f9ebc0ca *gd1990-04-03d01t03.flac
bf9ce1415fd749b1521ea4b763f4a0b5 *gd1990-04-03d01t04.flac
d41ce6b397726b74d7cc2f82d5ea314b *gd1990-04-03d01t05.flac
f83a3501566071f5b674d63b66dbca69 *gd1990-04-03d01t06.flac
97d57b9f101438b141e53be120d5acde *gd1990-04-03d01t07.flac
4404c00e20e19c77a707e46a72eba075 *gd1990-04-03d01t08.flac
20242fd63cef3de21edae3ba988542c2 *gd1990-04-03d01t09.flac
5a4a3dc05178d777495660d41830152a *gd1990-04-03d02t01.flac
32056e3a8d15c4e257eed8593943b327 *gd1990-04-03d02t02.flac
6d8b2cfb495085ae54f4941c9e66f813 *gd1990-04-03d02t03.flac
222df333b033b5c67953a1d047d2c25b *gd1990-04-03d02t04.flac
300d8092f74da81d100a28fbb9c41593 *gd1990-04-03d02t05.flac
dcb3fccfa0a064b1a46f9295c8322ef4 *gd1990-04-03d02t06.flac
f2584ee7963b65bb0b4fa23a8586a753 *gd1990-04-03d02t07.flac
184f7919ebe7492348df305b4494925c *gd1990-04-03d02t08.flac
b27fdcd96276b69459b75990873eea09 *gd1990-04-03d02t09.flac
cdbdfb2960d9fdd80353ea00e1f47acf *gd1990-04-03d02t10.flac
4dbbee054f466b79b9526f94ef3d0f59 *gd1990-04-03d02t11.flac
5b31bfb90c6d37e67a4a9744c555e19f *gd1990-04-03d03t01.flac

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