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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   The Grateful Dead, Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA, 1987-12-27 (96/24)
Uploaded by:    bltz
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The Grateful Dead, Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA, 1987-12-27 (96/24)

Part of my Original Master Rescue Project.

Touch - 1987 hotspot! Energy! Jack! Enthusiasm, good solos! Exclamation Points! But never more than one, we have standards, after all. Some nice warm keyboards in the always-lovable and fantastic Peggy-O, all mellow Cali-style, plus some extra special Garcia. Ramble On Rose: Jerry is really bellowing. Some amazing, NAY AMAZING DANGIT ARE YOU LISTENING guitar shred there, rumors of Garcia crying. Fast play on Big River, rhythmic clapping during Dear Mr. Fantasy along with a monster solo.

Thank you. Just making sure you are paying attention. Playing -> UJB transition is... worth attention. Eyes is a quick, short version with some new Brent stuff, with some special drumming and a bunch of new-toy quadrophonic things going on here among other places in these shows (the recordings here are stereo, but you get hints of it, if you listen wearing good headphones.) Unique.  Crowd is VERY EXCITED THROUGHOUT.  things can get a bit clippy as I'd been recently wounded in the running-out-of-tape department, so I was riding the Pause button.

Nakamichi CM-300s/CP4 Shotguns -> Sony Walkman Pro/TDK MA 90 -> JVC TD-W354 -> Zoom H6 -> WAV 96/24 -> Audacity -> FLAC 96/24.  

Only posting in 96/24 to keep the sound quality up, and because I have a big pile to get through... feel free to down sample it with r8brain (a free download,) if you need, but I officially object. (h/t weallen, bt.etree, for r8brain x-ref). Work done using Bose Quiet-Comfort 20 Headphones with NC on, which seems to add some separation and dimension to the show.

Recorded, tracked and seeded by bltz

Oakland Auditorium, Oakland, CA, 12-27-1987:

Set I:
1. Touch Of Gray
2. Jack Straw
3. Peggy-O
4. Walkin' Blues
5. Ramble On Rose
6. Final Score, SF 48, LA 0, Me & My Uncle-> 
7. Big River
8. It Must Have Been The Roses
9. Desolation Row
10. Don't Ease Me In 

Set II:
11. Playin' In The Band-> 
12. Uncle John's Band-> 
13. Estimated Prophet-> 
14. Eyes Of The World-> 
15. Drums-> 
16. Space-> 
17. Dear Mr. Fantasy-> 
18. Stella Blue-> 
19. Throwing Stones-> 
20. Turn On Your Love Light

21. E: The Mighty Quinn

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68ba4236ed655238faa402fa1113dbf8 *gd1987-12-27d02t02.flac
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b35107b3a27d339ae45584f98e471213 *gd1987-12-27d02t05.flac
993c044b7adea84dc556cffb5cf9567a *gd1987-12-27d02t06.flac
25f7b71e6afe653ef841f54249375020 *gd1987-12-27d02t07.flac
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a105120b51168c2a5044c7b5f1947094 *gd1987-12-27d02t09.flac
bc267052dc7925ad8feee39ebd0bd99c *gd1987-12-27d02t10.flac
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