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Band:           Garcia
Torrent Name:   Jerry Garcia Band 10-15-87
Uploaded by:    jmaneval
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Description / text file:
Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, New York, NY

cd1 Accustic Set:
Bright Morning Stars 				02:14
Blue Yodel No. 9 (Standing On The Corner)	05:38 
Spike Driver Blues 				06:15
Short Life Of Trouble 				03:55
Two Soldiers 					04:55
I'm Troubled 					04:47
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie 			06:16
Rosalie McFall 					02:59
Long Long Way 					03:29
Ragged But I'm Right				04:42

cd2 Electric Set:
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You 		06:26
Forever Young 					06:51
Stop That Train 				07:25
Think 						07:13
Mission In The Rain 				08:23
Evangeline 					03:42
My Sisters And Brothers 			05:00
That Lucky Old Sun 				09:21
Deal 						06:43
And It Stoned Me 				06:12

MASTER FOB NAK 300's - 2nd row 2 seats right of center
FOB NAK 300's>Sony D5>Cool Edit>CD Wave>SHN

>From Dan Cole's collection of JGB cassettes - he had it listed as
Master FOB NAK 300's and was using a Sony D5 recorder at the
time. I recorded directly from his master tape to my computer using
Cool Edit, divided the tracks using CD Wave and then converted 
to SHN before recording my copy onto cd. Dan's tape had the
Ragged But Right at the end of the accustic set. This is
not listed on the Jerry Site and I've sent them an email
to see what they think. It fit into the tape so I believe they
did it that night maybe as an encore for the first accustic set.

Dan had this to say about recording this show 
"JGB Lunt-Fontanne  Once again I headed to New York City without any 
tickets. I was waiting online for tickets opening night when I noticed 
a rather attractive lady walking out of the venue.  I approached her 
and asked her if she knew if there were going to be any tickets on 
sale.  She told me that she was a friend of Jerry's and that she 
would be coming out with Jerry's unclaimed comp tickets before each 
show.  I told her that I was in town for the duration and needed 
tickets for each show.  She said she this wasn't a problem and that 
she would give me first crack at any extras.  This was really cool 
because every seat she had was either a box seat or in the first 3 

The first nights stealth taping went real well, we had enough 
people around us to conceal everything.  Jerry and the venue had
 a no tolerance taping policy for these shows anticipating a future
 album release.  We did notice about a dozen tapers get kicked out
 the first night.

The Board Tapes

The theater had a sitting room downstairs that had speakers set
 up.  I had noticed some tapers hanging out downstairs who had
 spliced into the speaker wires.  They were sending the amplified
 signals straight into their decks.  It was from these guys that the
 10-17-87 tapes came from.

On the afternoon of the 21st I tried this method myself and walked 
away with a pretty good tape.

The evening of the 21st we met up with the guys who made the tapes 
from the 17th and we all patched together into the speaker wires.  
About 3/4 of the way through the first set we noticed Bill Graham 
checking out  the speaker wires and headed directly for us.  I have 
never seen so many tapers scramble so fast.  I grabbed my deck and 
headed upstairs and started dancing with the crowd hanging out in 
the back.

Meanwhile, the Goon Squad had grabbed my buddy Rob and were dragging 
him upstairs towards the door to be kicked out.  This was rather sad 
because it was Rob's Birthday.  I didn't see Rob again until the 
second song of the second set.  He returned with an incredible story 
about how had climbed up to a ventilation shute, slid down an air 
shaft into the underground tunnels that connect the Broadway theaters.  He went through a door into a hallway that led to Jerry's dressing room.  They accidentally woke up a security guard who thought they had snuck in from the show and he proceeded to escort them back into the theater.

Needless to say, the speakers downstairs were shut off for the remainder of the Lunt-Fontanne run.."

Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band. Jerry Garcia, John Kahn, David Kemper, David Nelson, Sandy Rothman

Distribution info:
Etree - no hits
Phishhook - no hits
Jerry Site does not have it listed as having a 
recording source

>From the above - I would say very limited distribution
of this show if any.

------- Jerry Site Info --------
10/15/87 Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, New York, NY  top 
Acoustic Set:  (9 songs) 
Bright Morning Stars 
Blue Yodel No. 9 (Standing On The Corner) 
Spike Driver Blues 
Short Life Of Trouble 
Two Soldiers 
I'm Troubled 
Oh Babe It Ain't No Lie 
Rosalie McFall 
Long Long Way 
 Electric Set:  (9 songs) 
How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You 
Forever Young 
Stop That Train 
Mission In The Rain 
My Sisters And Brothers 
That Lucky Old Sun 
And It Stoned Me 
Contributors: ftp.gdead.berkeley.edu 

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