[bittorrent] Umphrey's McGee ~ 2016-02-06 ~ The Palace Theatre, Albany, NY ~ SKM140>V2>Mini-Me>SD722 at 24/48>flac16 **16bit**

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Band:           Umphrey's McGee
Torrent Name:   Umphrey's McGee ~ 2016-02-06 ~ The Palace Theatre, Albany, NY ~ SKM140>V2>Mini-Me>SD722 at 24/48>flac16  **16bit**
Uploaded by:    sunboy
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Description / text file:
Umphrey's McGee
The Palace Theatre
Albany, NY
Saturday February 6th, 2016 all

set1: 69:26
d1t01. Catshot>
d1t02. JaJunk>
d1t03. Mulche's Odyssey
d1t04. The Pequod
d1t05. Gone For Good*
d1t06. Cemetery Walk
d1t07. Cemetery Walk II
d1t08. Ringo#>
d1t09. JaJunk

set2: 88:54
d2t01. crowd
d2t02. Attachments
d2t03. Bad Friday+
d2t04. Higgins
d2t05. Life During Exodus>
d2t06. City Of Tiny Lights>
d2t07. Life During Exodus
d3t01. Resolution%>
d3t02. Remind Me
d3t03. encore break
d3t04. The Triple Wide>
d3t05. Hajimemashite

* w/ Jake - acoustic guitar
# w/ Voodoo Chile teases
+ w/Alric Carter - keyboards & Isaac Teel - percussion & vocals
% w/ Norwegian Wood(This Bird Has Flown) Jam

UM is:
Brendan Bayliss: Guitar, Vocals
Jake Cinninger: Guitar, Vocals
Joel Cummins: Keyboards, Vocals
Andy Farag: Percussion
Kris Myers: Drums, Vocals
Ryan Stasik: Bass 

~ TAUK opened and was recorded ~

Location: dead center, row 10 of orchestra floor

Mic config:  DinA Kwonbar, Schoeps A20S shock, Large Manfrotto air-cushioned stand @ 8 ft

Source: Neumann SKM 140(AK40's/LC3's/KM100's)>GAKables xlr>Lunatec V2>GAKables xlr>Apogee Mini-Me at 24/48>AES/EBU>Sound Devices 722 @24bit/48kHz
Transfer,editing,mastering & conversion: Sound Devices 722 master file @24bit/48kHz>firewire>Sound Forge Pro 11.0>CD Wave v1.98(tracking)>FLAC16 via TLH v2.7.0(level 8), tag w/Tag Scanner6.0.1, ffp & md5-TLH

Notes: ~ S.F. 11.0 (iZotope master limiter +5.5db/+5.0db, fades, resample(iZotope 64-bit SRC-highest quality w/ anit-alias filter) & dither(iZotope MBit+ advanced ultra dither to 44.1/16) ~
~ Apogee - soft limit on ~
~ Editing performed in 24bit/48kHz realm ~
~ discs 2 & 3 are seamless ~
~ files numbered for CD burning ~
~ Recording, transfer, editing, mastering & conversion by Steven Weld sunboy at verizon.net ~
~ Many Thanks to UM & crew & the Palace crew for allowing us to record and share the music ~
~ And of course thanks to Jon and UM for treating us tapers so well! ~

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