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Torrent Name:   Tom Constanten 1990-11-16 Milwaukee, WI soundboard flac24
Uploaded by:    furnab2lax
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Description / text file:
Tom Constanten
Nov. 16, 1990
Avalon Theater,
Milwaukee, WI

24 bit version

SBD > DAT > cassette

Lineage: cassette > Teac W890R, heads aligned to each tape segment > 
maudio 2496 soundcard > Audacity @ 24/48, editing and tracking with Audacity > 
traderslittlehelper for flac 8 and checksums
winamp for tagging
Transfer and all other mastering by arfarf, Feb. 3, 2016

01 -intro-
02 Dejavalise
03 Friend Of The Devil
04 Overture: The Affair of Rue De Lourcine
05 I've Just Seen A Face
06 San Andreas Stomp
07 Chopped Liver
08 Sleepers Awake
09 The Forest Scenes, Opus #82
10 Dark Star
11 Dejavalise II
12 -applause & talking-
13 Boris The Spider
14 Sonata in G Minor, K.4

Notes: At the end of track 11, there was a tape pause on DAT master,
I edited out the resultant silence. 

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