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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   The Grateful Dead, Silver Stadium, Rochester, NY 1988-06-30 SET II ONLY
Uploaded by:    bltz
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Description / text file:
The Grateful Dead, Silver Stadium, Rochester, NY 1988-06-30 SET II ONLY (96/24)

Part of my Original Master Rescue Project.

An open minor-league baseball field with super-crisp sound, sound reflecting only off a modest set of bleachers rather far back. Superb sound, tape, fun time, excellent playing. Some tape wasted recording the crowd, most because pretty much everyone within 40' who did that kind of thing, had some, in spite of the drizzling rain which stopped as they opened. 

Set II only, for three reasons: 1. It was a best-of-tour show, 2. Believe It Or Not, 3. Because Set I was stolen by my Ex, Lora, who lives upstate a bit. Anyone wishing to conduct a reclamation raid, possibly involving dinner and drinks, please contact me.

Nakamichi CM-300s/Shotguns -> Sony Walkman Pro/TDK MX-S 100 -> JVC TD-W354 -> Zoom H6 96/24 WAV -> Audacity -> FLAC 96/24.  

Only posting in 96/24 to keep the sound quality up, and because I have a big pile to get through... feel free to down sample it with r8brain - a free download, if you need (h/t weallen, bt.etree).

Recorded, tracked and seeded by bltz

Silver Stadium, Rochester, NY 1988-06-30:

Set 2 ONLY:

1. Green Onions-> 
2. China Cat Sunflower-> 
3. I Know You Rider
4. Samson & Delilah
5. Believe It Or Not
6. Truckin-> 
7. He's Gone-> 
8. Drums-> 
9. Space -> 
10. The Other One-> 
11. Wharf Rat-> 
12. Throwing Stones-> 

[Turn On Your Love Light] <- Not on this recording

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b7c6f6340b9b34af4afb891f894981cb *gd1988-06-30d02t03.flac
fb6d86eb709211f4500a7327cb3cdb4f *gd1988-06-30d02t04.flac
e0b367e49ab606a90c43c165f26984fa *gd1988-06-30d02t05.flac
6a3c3341da45bf8ee431514666cba6a6 *gd1988-06-30d02t06.flac
2c47b0b564be90efb0043dfbf18de7f6 *gd1988-06-30d02t07.flac
7e14b7dccd6529a9d88b3d832b304c60 *gd1988-06-30d02t08.flac
1d4b08d5e87594c093400153632c2611 *gd1988-06-30d02t09.flac
699fea6800daf6f9d8b9812ba92ae390 *gd1988-06-30d02t10.flac
68b33f5045f0d59f084556a2157ff11b *gd1988-06-30d02t11.flac
2de31dfdc200e5401b459bfef247f463 *gd1988-06-30d02t12.flac

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