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Band:           Jerry Joseph
Torrent Name:   Jerry Joseph  2016-12-04 - West End Lounge, NYC  **vgmtx**  VGRM361  Happy Holidays!!  
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Jerry Joseph  
12/4/2016 - 
West End Lounge, NYC  

OK, this was a really great night with Jerry...free night for all & barely attended--where were all you MoFos??  You missed a truly 
incredible night with an awesome vibe, but here it is for you to enjoy anyhow.  Jerry did what he always does when he steps on 
stage, no matter how many folks are there to see him--he pours all his heart & soul into his show & delivers a blazing show anyhow.  
Lots of rare tunes are played here, including "Goat", "Tight" & a second stab at "Tunnel Of Love", which he had performed that 
morning in Brooklyn at a Brooklyn Bowl kids' show.  

Keep an eye on Jerry's website & twitter feed for more shows like this in the future & come share in the love!!  Hint:  he usually does 
one of these 'private shows' whenever he is in the NYC area.  They are open to the public.  

Have a wonderful Holiday weekend & hope you are spending it with those that you love.  

Disc 1:  
   Set 1-  
1. tuning
2. Kind Of Place> ++
3. Radio Cab
4. Muscle
5. Mile High, Mile Deep
6. Goat
7. Supernatural
8. Tight
9. Cochise
   Set 2-  
10. tuning
11. Furr
12. It Comes In Waves

Disc 2:  
   Set 2 (con't)-  
1. Campo Miguel>
2. The Jump #**
3. Staple Gun> #$$
4. New Psychology Of Love #@
5. Tunnel Of Love #
6. Think On These Things #
7.E: Power Out #
8. Tunnel Of Love noodling
9. piano noodling (JJ)

++=w/ "I Know There's a Darkness"
**=w/ "Until the End Of the World"
$$=w/ "the boston rag>show biz kids" raps
@=w/ "before they make me run" rap & "across 110th street" rap ending interweaved with main song

   raps/cover tunes & their corresponding artists:  
"furr" - Blitzen Trapper
"until the end of the world" - U2
"the boston rag" - Steely Dan
"show biz kids" - Steely Dan
"before they make me run" - the Rolling Stones
"across 110th street" - Bobby Womack & Peace, artist;  Bobby Womack & J.J.Johnson, writers
"tunnel of love" - Bruce Springsteen

Jerry Joseph - acoustic guitar, vox
#=w/ Craig Greenberg - upright piano

schoeps cmc62 (omni, stage [on guitar; once CG comes onstage mics switch to: L=piano; R=guitar]) + SBD>SD 744t>firewire>PC>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0 (Balance, VC, voxWH, 
PD&Norm, light reverb [sbd only], Mix, CR, tracking, fades)>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)
foh sound, recorded, mixed, mast/remastered, info research by Bill Mulvey  

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