[bittorrent] Bloodkin & Friends 2016-12-10 Georgia Theater Athens GA schoeps mk4>audioroot femto *16 Bit*

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Band:           Bloodkin
Torrent Name:   Bloodkin & Friends 2016-12-10 Georgia Theater Athens GA  schoeps mk4>audioroot femto *16 Bit*
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Description / text file:
Bloodkin & Friends
Georgia Theater, Athens GA
source: schoeps mk4>nbob actives>audioroot femto pre> sd 744 24/48
fob dfc front baclony rail DIN  
transfer: sd>audacity dither>cd wave splits>tlh flac 8

t&s by c. cage

A Home Team Production

set 1
01 Greetings

 Mark Wilmot and Adam Poulin 
02 Five Fights A Pint
03 Black Moonlight

 Bloodkin & Friends w/out Danny Hutchens
04 Intro
05 Jazz Funeral
06 Easter Eggs
07 Is That All There Is
08 Black Jacket
09 Loves Getting Older
10 Wet Trombone Blues
11 ?
12 Place To Crash
13 Lifer
14 Raven Beauties
15 Success Yourself
16 My Name Is Alice
17 Can’t Get High
18 Makes Sense To Me

set 2
01 Raffle/Announcements

 Jerry Joseph

02 Think On These Things - solo acoustic
03 Giraffe- solo acoustic
04 War At The End of the World
05 Quarter Tank Of Gasoline
06 Banter/ Lineup Change

 Bloodkin & Friends - w/out Danny Hutchens

07 Crosses By The Highway
08 Clinic Cynic
09 No Matter What
10 The Waker
11 It Was You
12 Can’t Change The Past
13 Down
14 Sandbox
15 Most Beautiful Day
16 Way Too Loud
17 Banter/Tuning
18 I Had A Pony

 W/ Danny Hutchens on voc
19 Beneath The Streets of Nashville
20 End Of The Show
Danny departs  

21 Henry Parsons Died
22 Happy

Bloodkin & Friends
Danny Hutchens-voc on T 19 & 20
Eric Carter- gtr. voc
William Tonks- gtr, lap steel, voc
Mike Hurwitz- bass
Aaron Phillips- drums
Eric Martinez- gtr, voc
Jerry Joseph- gtr, voc
Sam Holt- gtr, voc
Todd Nance- drums, voc
Jon Mills- bass, voc
John Neff- pedal steel
David Nickle- gtr, voc
Besty Frank- voc
David Barbe- gtr
Adam Poulin- violin

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