[bittorrent] Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons 2016-08-19 - Bandito's, Virginia City, MT **vgmtx** **VGRM349** Night 1 of 3

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Band:           Jerry Joseph
Torrent Name:   Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons  2016-08-19 - Bandito's, Virginia City, MT  **vgmtx**  **VGRM349** Night 1 of 3
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Description / text file:
Jerry Joseph & the Jackmormons  
8/19/2016 - 
Wells Fargo ("Bandito's"), Virginia City, MT  

Disc 1:  
   Set 1-  
1. tuning, intro
2. 3-7-77>
3. Weird Blood>
4. Blowing My Brains Out>
5. Fiona>
6. The Fastest Horse In Town
7. The Eyes

Disc 2:  
   Set 2-  
1. tuning, intro>
2. Iodine>
3. The Jump> #
4. This Is the Place Where Everybody Finds Out Who They Are>
5. Hey Mancha>
6. Swimming To Phuket>
7. Revolution>
8. Power Out **

Disc 3:  
   Set 2 (con't)-  
1.E: tuning
2.    You Again>
3.    Amazing Grace> @
4.    Light Is Like Water (slow) $$

#=w/ "Until the End Of the World"
**=w/ 'something i can't figure out yet (garbled & hard to get words)' rap
@=w/ "amazing grade (trad.)" rap
$$=w/ "let it bleed" rap ending

   raps/cover tunes & their corresponding artists:  
"until the end of the world" - U2
"amazing grade (trad.)" - traditional;  John Newton, writer
"let it bleed" - the Rolling Stones

Jerry Joseph - guitar, vox
Steve Drizos - drums, b.vox
Steven James Wright - bass, b.vox

Brian Ripple - foh sound

schoeps cmc621 (onstage, dfc) + SBD>SD 744t>firewire>PC>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0 (Balance, 
Sec.Balance, VC, PD&Norm, 'comb thru' CR [stage mics only], splicing in 36 secs.section of 
"Light Is Like Water" from alt.SBD feed prior to mixing, Mix, FR, tracking)>WAV>TLH>FLAC (level 8)
recorded by Alex Chiesi & Craig Davis
mixed, mast/remastered & info research by Bill Mulvey  

Special Thanks to Brian Ripple for supplying his alternate SBD recording from which 
36 seconds of that source saved the middle part of the SBD portion of LILW for this matrix.  

Special Note: This matrix mix represents an untold amount of man hours as both sources contained numerous problems & had to have many little fixes done to each (sometimes incremental fixes) before they could be mixed together. Hopefully you all enjoy the result...I personally think it came out really great, which is a true relief & you would understand what I mean if you saw what there was to originally work with. 2 more nights to come, but they both have all these same problems so the work is slow going...but they will get done!! I just want them to be right as these awesome shows deserve it.  

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