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Torrent Name:   Jim James-Orpheum-12-09-16*Soundfield ST-250*
Uploaded by:    datpat
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Description / text file:

Jim James
Orpehum Theather
Los Angeles, CA 

Source Info:
SoundField ST-250>ST-250 Stereo Contoller preamp>Zoom F-8
Recorded from Balcony Rail Dead Center Approximately 40 ft back from Stage.
Recorded, Mastered, and Posted By Pat Myers AKA Datpat

01-Hide in Plain Sight
02-Know Til Now
03-Same Old Lie
04-In the Moment
05-A New Life
06-The World's Smiling Now
07-True Nature
08-Dear One
09-Here in Spirit
10-Drum Solo
11-I'm Set Free(The Velvet Underground cover)
12-We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt. 1
13-We Ain't Getting Any Younger Pt. 2
14-Eternally Even
15-Changing World(New Multitudes cover)
16-Of the Mother Again
17-Come in Out of the Rain(Parliament cover)
18-Down on the Bottom(The New Basement Tapes cover)
19-State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) 

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