[bittorrent] Circles Around the Sun 2016-11-23 - Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY **onstage schoeps/SBD matrix** VGRM356

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Torrent Name:   Circles Around the Sun 2016-11-23 - Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY **onstage schoeps/SBD matrix** VGRM356
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Description / text file:
Circles Around the Sun  
11/23/2016 - 
Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY  

OK, so here is a very special early Xmas present!!  Neal Casal was & is cool enough to let this tasty matrix mix fly of his recent show at Brooklyn Bowl of his new band creating new ideas on beloved styles.  He was in full agreement that the populace at large should hear a nicely mixed matrix of the current tour & he personally signed off on this mix so you all can dig on these wonderful sounds.  Please, at the very least, do yourself a favor & check out this very fine ass band when they come to play in your neck of the woods.  

Disc 1:  
1. tuning
2. Gilbert's Groove
3. Scarlotta's Magnolias
4. Saturday's Children

Disc 2:  
1. Hallucinate a Solution>
2. Farewell Franklins
3.E: Ginger Says>
4.    Space Wheel

Neal Casal - guitar
Adam MacDougall - keys
Mark Levy - drums
Dan Horne - bass

schoeps cmc622 (onstage, center of band)>sxm2] + [SBD]>SD 788>firewire>PC>WAV>
Sound Forge 10.0 (Balance, PD&Norm, Mix, tracking, dither, resample)>WAV>TLH>FLAC16
recorded by Eric McRoberts & Bill Mulvey
mixed, mast/remastered, info research by Bill Mulvey

FOH - Aaron Gittleman
MONs - Bill Mulvey
Killer Lights - Victor Cornette

Thanks much to the band for allowing this matrix & for generally being so cool.  


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