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Joe Russo's Almost Dead  
1/26/2013 - 
Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn, NY  
"13th annual NYC Freaks' Ball"  

OK, so there are at least 5 different sources for this amazing show (JRAD's very first!!) on the LMA & I can't say for sure which one is 'the best' version, but I will say that this particular version is definitely a worthy addition to the pack.  This is being shared out there simply because I had to borrow Curtis' 722 to pull off recording 3 gigs in 3 separate venues at the same time last Saturday & he asked me if I would extract any shows of his that were still on his recorder & send them to him.  Well, it turned out this was the only one on there & it sounded real good so I went ahead & mastered it as a 'thank you' for the loan of the 722.  I think it came out just wonderful...super tight & tasty.  Hope you dig it!!  
NOTE: Try as I might, there is no way to fit this one nicely onto 3 CDs without breaking up the transitions from song to song somewhere. No matter how I tried it (cheating by cutting out tunings/band intros, crowd noise, etc.), it still ends up being around 81 minutes for that 1st or 2nd disc (argh!!). So I left it alone & this one has gotta be a 4 CD project if you intend to burn it. My recommendation is: 

Disc 1: Set 1, trks 1 thru 7
Disc 2: Set 1, trks 8 thru 13
Disc 3: Set 2, trks 1 thru 6
Disc 4: Set 2, trks 7 thru 12

   Set 1-  
1. tuning
2. Bertha>
3. Althea
4. Jack Straw>
5. Deal>
6. Mr.Charlie
7. band intros
8. Brown-Eyed Women
9. Tennessee Jed>
10. Shakedown Street>
11. Jam>
12. China Cat Sunflower>
13. I Know You Rider

   Set 2-  
1. tuning
2. Estimated Prophet>
3. Eyes Of the World>
4. Help On the Way>
5. Slipknot!>
6. Franklin's Tower
7. St.Stephen>
8. The Eleven>
9. Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) Jam>
10. The Other One>
11. Viola Lee Blues
12.E: U.S.Blues

   cover tunes & their corresponding artists (all tunes by Grateful Dead except those noted below):  
"deal" - Jerry Garcia, artist;  Jerry Garcia/Robert Hunter, writers
"viola lee blues" - Cannon's Jug Stompers, artist;  Noah Lewis, writer

Marco Benevento - keys
Tom Hamilton - guitar, vox
Dave Dreiwitz - bass
Scott Metzger - guitar, vox
Joe Russo - drums, Glockenspiel (in St.Stephen), vox

b&k 4022 (fob @ right PA, x/y, 15' high)>SD 722>FLAC (@24/96)>
firewire>PC>TLH>WAV>Sound Forge 10.0 (dc offset, EQ, Balance, 
PD&Norm, tracking, fades, dither, resample)>WAV>TLH>FLAC16 (level 8)
recorded by Curtis Claymont
transferred, mast/remastered, info research by Bill Mulvey  

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