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Description / text file:
King Diamond

The Palladium
261 Main Street
Worcest, Ma 01608
Visit: The Palldium.net

The Players

Kim Bendix Petersen: Vocals, Narration & 'The Man'
Andy LaRoque: Lead Guitar
Hal Pacino: Bass
Mike Weed: Rhythm Guitar
Matt Thompson: Drums
Jodi Keshal?: 

Free Trade Only            Never Sell        Free Trade Only            Never Sell

Location: Center Right Balcony Row 2
Recorded using: Teac-VR10 Hand-Held
Mics: Internal with Input Set to +4

Attendee(s): Lisa E.

Comment: On top of his game, even improvised/added to a few parts that were very unexpected.  A very
         impressive performance.

Transfer & Post: PNY MicroSD> WAV> Audacity(for Track Splits, labeling & finally 
                          converting to flac)> Traders Little Helper (set to 8 for encoding, re-
                          encoding, checksums verified, Md5, ffp)

Free Trade ONLY       NEVER SELL                    NEVER SELL       Free Trade ONLY

01a. The Candle(Microphone difficulties)
01b. The Candle
02.  Sleepless Nights
03.  Welcome Home
04.  Never Ending Hill
05.  Let It Be Done(over the PA)
06.  The Puppet Master
07.  At The Graves
08.  Tea(unfinished)>
09.  Digging Graves(Chorus Only)>
10.  A Visit From The Dead(Intro Only)>
11.  Evil(Mercyful Fate Cover)
12.  Come To The Sabath(Mercyful Fate Cover) 
13.  Shapes Of Black
14.  Eye Of The Witch
15.  Encore Break
16.  Cremation
17.  Crowd
18.  Band Intros.
19.  The Family Ghost
20.  Crowd
21.  Black Horsemen
22.  Insanity(over the PA)

Free Trade Only            Never Sell        Free Trade Only            Never Sell

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