[bittorrent] Jerry Garcia Band - Great Woods Center - Mansfield, MA - September 10, 1989

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Band:           Garcia
Torrent Name:   Jerry Garcia Band - Great Woods Center - Mansfield, MA - September 10, 1989
Uploaded by:    duanebase
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Description / text file:
Jerry Garcia Band
Great Woods
Mansfield, MA
September 10, 1989

SBD + AUD Matrix Mix

Disc 1 - Set 1

01  [10:29] Cats Under The Stars  
02  [09:03] They Love Each Other  
03  [12:59] Knockin' On Heaven's Door
04  [05:32] Run For The Roses  
05  [09:44] Mississippi Moon  
06  [04:38] Hope It Won't Be This Way  
04  [08:44] Deal  
TT  [61:10]

Disc 2 - Set 2

01  [09:52] Second That Emotion
02  [07:48] And It Stoned Me
03  [12:13] Simple Twist Of Fate
04  [06:54] Waiting For A Miracle
05  [04:39] Evangeline
06  [11:10] That Lucky Old Sun
07  [11:04] Tangled Up In Blue
TT  [63:41]

Entire show with Clarence Clemons  
Final performance of "Hope It Won't Be This Way"


Band Info

Jerry Garcia: Vocals, Guitar
John Kahn: Bass  
Dave Kemper: Drums
Melvin Seals: Hammond B3
Clarence Clemons: Saxphone
Jackie LaBranch: Backing Vocals
Gloria Jones: Backing Vocals


Source Info

Source:  MSC > Cx > WAV > FLAC.
Transfer:  Cassette > FLAC (playback on Sony TC-KE400S,
dolby disabled > Sony PCM-R500 with Super Bit Mapping
enabled > coaxial S/PIDF output > M Audio Audiophile 2496 >
recording with Soundforge 6.0) > tracking (cdwav) > sector
boundaries confirmed (shntool) > SHN by C.Ladner, 10/04.

Source: FOB (Schoeps CMC34) > DAT > CDR > WAV > SHNv3
DAE(EAC 0.9 beta 4) > sector boundaries confirmed (shntool) >
shorten 3.4>FTP via C. Ladner/candyman FTP


Tech Notes

SHNs were decoded to wave. Wavmerge was used to reassemble
the tracks back to 1 long wave.  CEP2.0 was used to align &
synch both of the sources.  SF8.0 was used for the EQ setting
pre mixdown. This is a 60% SBD, 40% AUD mix.
- Mixed by dan at am-dig.com
- Shn conversion 01-AUG-2007
- Artwork by dan at am-dig.com 300dpi - For best results
print at the highest resolution onto glossy photo paper.
Design for use with a clear slim double jewel case.



My goal was to take a somewhat lacking SBD, rework it and
mix with a great FOB to make something that is significantly
more palatable.  The SBD suffers from generational loss,
mild distortion and over saturation.  A significant amount
of post production editing and introduction of the FOB
source significantly improved the fidelity and help ease
some of these shortcomings.  Leaving us with a very nice
representation of a classic fall 1989 JGB show.

Both sources were D'EQ prior to mixdown.  The strategy here
was to keep what was good in the SBD and intoduce what was
good in the FOB.  Essentially using the FOB to sonically fill
in the areas that were lacking or unpleasant on the SBD.  
Primarily the high end, but also the very bottom as well.  

A killer AUD but with some very close clapping that when
mixed the claps ended up sounding like pops.  I was able to
eliminate the most frustrating of these claps by tediously
going thru, millisecond by millisecond and redrawing the wave
to take out clap without removing any of the music.  

Two big PA pops (I know this b/c the pops were on both the
SBD and FOB sources) in "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" were
removed.  Even though the PA pops wwere "part" of the show
I choose to remove it for increased listening pleasure.

The SBD had 2 cuts.  About 22 seconds at the very beginning
of "Mississippi Moon" was missing and 1 min 15 seconds was cut
at approx the 3 min mark in "And It Stoned Me".  Both sources
were patched with the FOB.  A variety of edits (volume adjust,
EQ and crossfades) were made to make these patches sound as
smooth as possible and the results are outstanding.  Without
any notation you could easily slide right past these patches
and not even know that the SBD had these 2 obnoxious cuts.
A nice testament to how great the FOB is as well as an
experience hand and ear at applying said patches.

The left/right channel of the FOB was uneven.  I increased
the left channel approx 2db.


Multitrack Mixdown Settings


Stereo Matrix
SBD -1db
AUD -5db


Stereo Matrix
SBD -5.5db
AUD -2db


Additional Formats

This show is available in the following formats:

1. The SBD and both AUD sources listed above.
2. CD-Audio SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 16/44
3. CD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound DTS-Audio-CD at 16/44
4. DVD-Audio SBD+AUD Matrix Mix at 24/48
5. DVD-Audio 5.1 Surround Sound at 16/44
   (6 Channel x 16/44 - MLP Encoded)  


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