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Band:           Grateful Dead
Torrent Name:   gd72-11-14.22024.sbd.miller.sbeok.t-flac16
Uploaded by:    germain
DB Link:        http://db.etree.org/shn/22024
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=532005

Contact the seeder at http://db.etree.org/germain

If the link to this show does not work, it was probably removed for
being non-trade-friendly.

Description / text file:
This is a flac encoded & tagged version of shnid: 22024

Grateful Dead
Oklahoma City Music Hall
Oklahoma City, OK

Recording Info:
Source One: SBD-> Master Reel-> Cassette x 3-> Dat (d1t01-> d2t09)
Source Two: SBD-> Master Reel-> Cassette-> Dat (d2t10-> d3t07)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500)-> M-Audio Dio 2448-> Samplitude v6.0-> CD-> 
(3 Discs Audio / 2 Discs SHN)

All Transfers By Charlie Miller
charliemiller87 at earthlink.net

--I forgot to make shn's off of my Dats which is why I had to 
  use EAC.
--This is a new conversion since the last one was missing GSET.
--Rob Eaton lists this show as a Cassette Master, 
  but he only has Set Two.

--Set 1--
101-d1t01 - Promised Land
102-d1t02 - Sugaree
103-d1t03 - El Paso
104-d1t04 - Loser 
105-d1t05 - Black Throated Wind
106-d1t06 - Bertha
107-d1t07 - Mexicali Blues 
108-d1t08 - Tennessee Jed
109-d1t09 - Big River
110-d2t01 - China Cat Sunflower ->
111-d2t02 - I Know You Rider 
112-d2t03 - Box of Rain 
113-d2t04 - Beat It on Down the Line
114-d2t05 - Friend of the Devil
115-d2t06 - Around & Around 
116-d2t07 - Casey Jones 

--Set 2--
201-d2t08 - Tuning
202-d2t09 - Greatest Story Ever Told
203-d2t10 - Brown Eyed Women 
204-d2t11 - Me & My Uncle
205-d2t12 - Deal
206-d2t13 - Me & Bobby McGee
207-d3t01 - He's Gone ->
208-d3t02 - Truckin' ->
209-d3t03 - The Other One ->
210-d3t04 - Sing Me Back Home
211-d3t05 - Sugar Magnolia
212-d3t06 - Uncle John's Band
213-d3t07 - One More Saturday Night

Flac encoding notes:
All processing with Trader's Little Helper
Shn - st5 generated
Shn > Flac ( level 8 )
Flac - st5 generated and matched to Shn st5

Tagging notes:
Show information is embedded within the headerof each flac file. 
It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files. 
If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped, 
however audio data will remain unaffected. 
If you must transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy.
Use st5 to validate audio integrity.
Md5 values will change if tagging is altered.

A big thanks to Mole for the disc.
B. Proctor 2-26-08

shntool md5 fingerprint file 
fa86db13a06b258f2f8e90285769185e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t01.shn
d291688dae95b656759e25177466509b  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t02.shn
019a7d0e947d8086c8d913a744918ef4  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t03.shn
39b20b8a7ce1d4e7edfb1e9a7e5da73c  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t04.shn
e8d0c06cdaa749659226f97ea71b744d  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t05.shn
fe33599e0f7f0faa6e996cd4c803f2de  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t06.shn
6608df52bf03dff73db35df058bcf97b  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t07.shn
4cac902bbdbd4b5a4e8489923395ca3e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t08.shn
f0be29eec13edbefcdf5fb16ccf398cc  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t09.shn
4fd30e7b274c69306ed1d63583aab071  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t01.shn
ee49633421ce752d4aac263bd2bab907  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t02.shn
f6e16d31dc25cead84dd42f71993a023  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t03.shn
7ba6f0e2da88bbf3c49d426b6fe90942  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t04.shn
08c4e878a54ebc43ffbd62c0210d1497  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t05.shn
629b6f73c484db1c02ba238c6c010701  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t06.shn
21cbaa484dfc1dfab75920dd6994372e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t07.shn
170004ab2abb7111a6e7fba728d5a91c  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t08.shn
2973688358b7f78c0d9e4a6e117bf262  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t09.shn
a945ce7fe61a267c9b8cab7bc688f17a  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t10.shn
11ec5a982237fb01399a453653655f1c  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t11.shn
4869e0fb48f0818c24c9e0dbc9a316e3  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t12.shn
2522b01c80ba7bfc533be6bb3cf60d6e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t13.shn
452d40d0500a2277b5ced77e8904d9b1  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t01.shn
53f04e0c5751b5f1987e1773fffbae34  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t02.shn
0a80274bb9feee5930b1e1ee863a8c75  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t03.shn
417d1745021c8b8cc6df68628c0a23e5  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t04.shn
5fa292b23dd9211616ef651aa0040ad7  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t05.shn
beb8278845b8083407476a8b6aaa47e3  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t06.shn
8000f80e82072e8d6413adfadcc35bb7  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t07.shn

shntool md5 fingerprint file 
fa86db13a06b258f2f8e90285769185e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t01.flac
d291688dae95b656759e25177466509b  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t02.flac
019a7d0e947d8086c8d913a744918ef4  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t03.flac
39b20b8a7ce1d4e7edfb1e9a7e5da73c  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t04.flac
e8d0c06cdaa749659226f97ea71b744d  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t05.flac
fe33599e0f7f0faa6e996cd4c803f2de  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t06.flac
6608df52bf03dff73db35df058bcf97b  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t07.flac
4cac902bbdbd4b5a4e8489923395ca3e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t08.flac
f0be29eec13edbefcdf5fb16ccf398cc  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d1t09.flac
4fd30e7b274c69306ed1d63583aab071  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t01.flac
ee49633421ce752d4aac263bd2bab907  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t02.flac
f6e16d31dc25cead84dd42f71993a023  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t03.flac
7ba6f0e2da88bbf3c49d426b6fe90942  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t04.flac
08c4e878a54ebc43ffbd62c0210d1497  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t05.flac
629b6f73c484db1c02ba238c6c010701  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t06.flac
21cbaa484dfc1dfab75920dd6994372e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t07.flac
170004ab2abb7111a6e7fba728d5a91c  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t08.flac
2973688358b7f78c0d9e4a6e117bf262  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t09.flac
a945ce7fe61a267c9b8cab7bc688f17a  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t10.flac
11ec5a982237fb01399a453653655f1c  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t11.flac
4869e0fb48f0818c24c9e0dbc9a316e3  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t12.flac
2522b01c80ba7bfc533be6bb3cf60d6e  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d2t13.flac
452d40d0500a2277b5ced77e8904d9b1  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t01.flac
53f04e0c5751b5f1987e1773fffbae34  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t02.flac
0a80274bb9feee5930b1e1ee863a8c75  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t03.flac
417d1745021c8b8cc6df68628c0a23e5  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t04.flac
5fa292b23dd9211616ef651aa0040ad7  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t05.flac
beb8278845b8083407476a8b6aaa47e3  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t06.flac
8000f80e82072e8d6413adfadcc35bb7  [shntool]  gd72-11-14d3t07.flac

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