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Gordon Stone Band
Club Metronome
Burlington VT
October 9, 1997

recorded / transferred by pete grrrshon

SBD > Sony D6 (master XLII cassette) > RCA cables > Sony RCD-W50C (w. SBM) > CD > xACT > FLAC

1. Pachysandra
2. Southwind
3. Hubbleville
4. Dublin
5. Monkey Wrench
6. Caravan
7. Sunday Driver
8. Even With The Odds
9. Dread Banjo

Gordon Stone: banjo, pedal steel
Andy Cotton: electric bass
Josh Stacy: electric guitar
Chris Kutchukian: drums

I followed Gordon's music pretty attentively throughout the mid-to-late '90s (and even worked for him very briefly in '96). It was pretty interesting to hear the music evolve in what was a pretty fluid band situation, from the semi-acoustic trios with Jamie Masefield & Stacy Starkweather and (later) Doug Perkins & Andy Cotton to the louder configurations with drums (often Russ Lawton, and frequently Stacy again).  This particular gig is right where drums were first being added to what had been a mostly-acoustic group, making the transition from spots like the Last Elm Cafe and Rio's Cantina to the stages and PA systems of Toast and Metronome  (it was rare to even have a soundboard to patch into at a Gordon Stone gig!). Chris Kutchukian was one of my favorite drummers in Vermont. Other drummers who played with Gordon's band around this time included Gabe Jarrett (on loan from the Jazz Mandolin Project), Jeff Salisbury and Jon Fishman. 

BTW, Andy Cotton is making music in NYC now and has a new, debut CD called "Last Stand at the Havermeyer Ranch" out on the Brooklyn Jazz Underground label. Gordon is still gigging all the time in VT.


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