[bittorrent] Bloodkin 2009-03-14 Freebird Live Jax Beach, FL MATRIX - fixed

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Torrent Name:   Bloodkin 2009-03-14 Freebird Live Jax Beach, FL MATRIX - fixed
Uploaded by:    markbrut
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Description / text file:
This is a corrected Bit Torrent of this with tracks d2t4 and d2t5 separated properly.  Sorry for the confusion.

March 14, 2009 (Sat)
Freebird Live
Jacksonville Beach, FL

source:  MATRIX [SBD + DPA (B&K) 4023 > R44 (stock) > Pro Tools digi001> WAV> FLAC]
audience recording by Colin Liston
soundboard recording and transfer by Mark Brut

matrix lineage:  

Thanks to Colin for the audience files on this.  The SBD recording had some digi-noice problems for the first 3 songs, so other than the intro at the beginning of the show, I opted not to use it until it fades in at the end of "Like This."  

Enjoy the show.

one set

disc 1

1.  Little Margarita
2.  Wait Forever
3.  Like This
4.  Easter Eggs
5.  Ghostrunner
6.  A Place to Crash
7.  Rhodedendron
8.  Is That All There Is
9.  Yellow Ribbons
10. Love's Getting Older
11. New Pony
12. Henry Parsons Died
13. Quarter Tank of Gasoline
14. Wet Trombone Blues

disc 2

1.  Transfusion (the magic show)
2.  Hickory Wind
3.  Stranger in a Strange Land
4.  End of the Show
5.  Mercy Train to Bogart
6.  Morning Chrome
7.  Success Yourself

Bloodkin is:

Daniel Hutchens - guitar/vocals
Eric Carter - guitar/vocals
Eric Martinez - guitar/vocals
William Tonks - guitar/dobro/vocals
David Nickel - bass/vocals
Aaron Phillips - drums

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