[bittorrent] Billy Nershi Drew Emmitt 2010-01-23 Winterfest Nederland, CO (mbho/dpa)

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Billy Nershi and Drew Emmitt Acoustic Duo
Nederland, Colorado
January 23, 2010

MBHO ka200hn > MBP 603a (DINa) + DPA 4022 ORTF > Aeta Mix 2000 > Sound Devices 744t @ 24/48hz
4ft FOB DFC 15ft from stage 1st row
INHDD > Audacity > CD wave > Flac [8] > TLH
Taper:  soling (sdolan at wi.rr.com)

Run Time 42:01

04 These Days
05 Andy Thorn Introduction
06 Astronomy Lesson
08 Banter
10 Banter
11 Black Clouds

Billy Nershi Acoustic Guitar. Vocals
Drew Emmitt Mandolin, Vocals
*Andy Thorn Banjo


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