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Band:           The Heavy Pets
Torrent Name:   Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 White Room, Miami, FL.TLM-170 flac 16
Uploaded by:    heavypetter
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Description / text file:
The Heavy Pets

White Room
Miami, FL

January 08, 2010

Opening for Holy Kimoto  Find their link here:

Neumann TLM-170 (Cardiod)>Lunatec V3 (Analog out)>Sound Devices 722 (24/48)

Location ~20' from stage, 7'LOC, 9'high, 

722>M-Audio Delta 192>Eq'd and normalized in SF8>resampled and dithered in R8brain (Very high)
>SF8>CD Wave>CK Rename>FLAC Front End>BT Easy

Recorded and transferred by Steven Kwartin, stevenkwartin at g mail dot com


The nOOb's guide to downloading bittorents: http://www.mediafire.com/?bzmzzn5dht0

One Disc

Disc 1

Track 1  So Thank You Music
Track 2  Dew Point
Track 3  No More Time
Track 4  Earthchaser
Reack 5	 Hedi Sigismondi 
Track 6  John Galt>
Track 7  Sleep 

NOTES:   For this set, I was set up against the left side of the room,as the gear was set up
substantially more normally than Holy Kimoto. I like the way it came out, and hope you 
do too.  Please check out the Holy Kimoto set.  It was a great evening.

Copyright 2010 in the sound recording only by Steven Kwartin
Please feel free to trade, not for sale under any circumstances.

Enjoy and share.


Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t01.flac:9f5ec366b3ff788a40cee07ce8e30233
Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t02.flac:9442b810a2c57e47032759c5cc3c1c0e
Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t03.flac:a82abc1283bcd4dc9d68ce6ded28ce77
Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t04.flac:8f10368bff8b5110566becea16b3744b
Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t05.flac:5dc662a99684f4dfeafbc930f3c094cd
Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t06.flac:686467c98a6c8c41010232a2d6fc2cd3
Heavy Pets 2010-01-08 d01 t07.flac:633d924e6454680c39079d57991b291e

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