[bittorrent] Moonalice - 2008-10-10 - Narrows CFTA - Fall River, MA *C414s+SBD*

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Torrent Name:   Moonalice - 2008-10-10 - Narrows CFTA - Fall River, MA *C414s+SBD*
Uploaded by:    pistolpete71
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Description / text file:
October 10, 2008
Narrows Center for the Arts
Fall River, MA

AUD + SBD mix

  G.E. Smith - base, guitars, vocals
  Barry Sless - base, guitar, pedal steel, vocals
  Pete Sears - base, keyboards, accordian, vocals
  Ann McNamee - bass, percussion, vocals
  Roger McName - base, guitars, vocals
  Jimmy Sanchez - base and drums

set I	
01. On The Road Again
02. Down The Road Apiece
03. Kick It Open
04. Up In the Clouds
05. Crazy in Heaven
06. Empire State 
07. Gwendolyn
08. Marilyn
09. Fair to Even Odds
10. Sugaree
set II	
01. intro & Moonalice Legend reading
02. Like A Rolling Stone
03. Arrowhead
04. Whiter Shade of Pale
05. Nick of Time
06. Blink of An Eye
07. Who Can Say?
08. Too Much Alcohol
09. Dance Inside the Lightning
10. '52 Black Vincent Lightning
11. I'm Glad You Think So
12. Show Biz Kinds
13. Slow Dance
14. I Ain't Ever Satisfied
15. Stella Blue
16. Tell Me It's OK

Sound:          Tim (moonalice FOH engineer)
Recording/DSP:  Pete Podurgiel
Ambient mics:   AKG C414s XLS (crossed fig.8's[blumlein pair])
Mic location:   FOB, 7.5'H	
Source1:        AKG C414s>mini.me(SL)>SPDIF>R44>wav(24/44.1) ch1+2	
source 2:       SBD>R44>wav(24/44.1) ch3+4
Transfer:       USB>DAW

conversion:  -mix, EQ & bitrate conversion with Cubase4
             -tracked with CDwave
             -wav>flac with shntool
	     -FLACs tagged with MP3tag

Notes:	     -artwork from band website (www.moonaliceband.com)

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