[bittorrent] Drivin N Cryin 2009-12-31 State Theater - Albany, GA *4ch Schoeps*

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Torrent Name:   Drivin N Cryin 2009-12-31 State Theater - Albany, GA *4ch Schoeps*
Uploaded by:    habit1973
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Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=531635

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Description / text file:
Drivin N Cryin
State Theater
Albany, GA

01. Intro	
02. Detroit City
03. Honeysuckle Blue
04. Trainwreck
05. Build A Fire
06. Look What You've Done to Your Brother
07. Pre-Approved, Pre-Denied
08. The Innocent
09. Catch the Wind
10. Let's Go Dancin'
11. All Apologies
12. Don't You Know That I Know That You Know?*
13. Jumpin Jack Flash
14. I See Georgia
15. New Years Countdown
16. I'm Goin' Straight To Hell >
17. Why Don't We Do It In The Road
18. Crowd
19. Fly Me Courageous
20. (What Ever Happened To The) Great American Bubble Factory?
21. Rockin' In The Free World^

* w/ Jonathan Spencer - bass
^ "This Land Is Your Land" tease

Total Time: 1:56:09

LMA Stream: http://www.archive.org/details/dnc2009-12-31

Notes: 1 Set - Ran much further back than had originally planned. Seeing the maddness begin to file in, Mel and I opted to move from our front right corner table to the comfort of dfc first row balcony seats. With all that, it is what it is.

Source: Schoeps MK21(AB/Split 51cm) > kcy > Schoeps VMS5U + Schoeps MK4(DIN) > kcy > Schoeps VMS02IB > Busman Mod R4 Pro  

Location: DFC / WTFB / Clamped to balcony rail.

Lineage: Edirol R4 Pro @ 24/48 > HD > Wavelab 6 > CDWave > TLH

Tape and Transfer: Jeff Hatcher (habit1973 at gmail.com)

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