[bittorrent] The Radiators 2010-01-02 The Palombaro Club Ardmore PA Schoeps MK-41 & SDB

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Band:           Radiators
Torrent Name:   The Radiators 2010-01-02 The Palombaro Club Ardmore PA Schoeps MK-41 & SDB
Uploaded by:    edtyre
DB Link:        
Details:        http://bt.etree.org/details.php?id=531358

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Description / text file:
The Radiators
2010-01-02 The Palombaro Club
Ardmore, PA

4 channel recording
source 1 : schoeps mk-41dina>kc5>cmc6>grace v-3>
benchmark ad2k+> oade concert mod edirol r-44 (digi in)
source 2 : soundboard patchbay>
oade concert mod edirol-44  (analog in)
lineage : (2) 24/44.1 wav>reaper 3.15>dsp quattro x 3>
MBIT+>16/44.1 wav>xACT 1.69>flac
location : right soundboard corner 10 ft
taper : edtyre(edtyre2 at comcast.net)
thanks to Nicky C for clampspace and technical assistance

Set 1:

Intro - Tuning
Roll Me Over *
Just Want To Make Love To You
Metric Man
Between Two Fires
Where Is The Soul Of The World
Go Down Hannah
Daddy's Coming Home
New Dark Ages (false Start)
Shake The Devil Out Of Your Head
Little Sadie
Further On Up The Road
Salty Jane
Nail Your Heart To Mine

Set 2:

Tuning - Intro
Let the Red Wine Flow
The Twitch
Two More Bottles Of Wine
Fever Dream
Say Those Magic Words
Suck The Head >
Crawfish Head >
Rock Bottom >
Crawfish Head >
Slippery When Wet >
Chinatown >
Ling Ting Tong
Lucinda >
Mag 7 >
Cissy Strut
Kenny's Call Em' Back
All Meat (tease)
I Shall Be Released
Lovely You

notes: * static from soundboard start of set 1 track 2

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